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Brands that sell fashionable clothes.


Kohl's Kohl’s is one of the largest and most popular American departmental stores that sell literally anything under the sun, ranging from furniture for your new home to the latest wearable tech. As a departmental store, the only things they don’t sell are perishables such as food and drinks or frozen goods, and hardware. - rate


PatPat Established by InterFocus Inc, PatPat is set up with the sole intent of providing quality mom and baby goods at affordable prices. And how they do that? They use the Manufacturer to Consumer model (M2C) – They cut out the middlemen and let you order your products directly from the manufacturers. - rate


RoseGal Established by a group of friends who are all passionate about fashion in its many forms, RoseGal is a major online fashion store that offers the best of vintage and modern-style clothing to every one of their customers regardless of their shape and size. - rate

The Children's Place

The Children's Place Founded back in 1989, The Children’s Place is a children’s clothes, shoes, and accessories retailer. They sell quite a wide range of apparels, from swimwear to streetwear, to even school uniforms, for both boys and girls, and toddlers too. They stock babywear as well! - rate


Overstock Based in Midvale, Utah, is a pretty massive and popular, online furniture, home improvement, and interior and exterior decoration retailer that was set up 1997. Since then, it has diversified greatly to include many other types of goods as well. - rate


Zappos Among the top 100 companies with the best work culture, Zappos is a fashion and lifestyle brand that sells a wide variety of apparels and accessories like bags and handbags, clothes, and watches. It started out as an online footwear store, and after cornering the shoe market in 2007, they have expanded to include other wearable items as well. - rate


StockX StockX is a live online marketplace (though it looks a lot like an online auction), which lets you buy and sell authentic, branded sneakers, whether it is the latest Yeezys to hit the shelves or that limited-edition Air Jordans, as well as a host of other collectible streetwear and their associated brands like Supreme, Kith, Bape, Kaws and more. - rate


LovelyWholesale is more than just an e-commerce website. It is a global online selling boutique, shipping to nearly all continents from North America up to Oceania where you can find trendy and fashionable outfits that you can wear all year round! - rate


Rosewe Rosewe takes pride in being one of the earliest e-commerce websites around. The shop began operation in 2009, and has consistently built a reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction. - rate Dossier is a perfume brand offering high-quality alternatives to trendy and iconic designer fragrances, minus the luxury prices. For only $29 per bottle, Dossier guarantees long-lasting, cruelty-free, exquisitely formulated, and—most importantly—affordable perfumes that you won’t be able to differentiate from the originals. 10 rate

Design by Humans

Design by Humans We are all on the lookout for some unique designs to wear for our casual clothing. Thankfully, the availability of technology both for graphic design and e-commerce have made it possible for websites like Design by Humans to offer us those unique designs that we need. - rate

Rose Wholesale

Rose Wholesale Rose Wholesale is an online store specialized in selling and delivering fashionable clothing worldwide, bringing to the table thousands of cost-effective clothes, shoes, and accessories of the latest trends. They manage to cover a vast spectrum of products for both men and women, offering endless options to their customers! - rate


Tidebuy first began selling online in 2010. At that time, its focus was on fashion items like bags, jewelry, and wigs, among others. Over time, it expanded its collection and range to reach more than 200 countries around the world. - rate

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix Stitch Fix is a very unique startup which uses proprietary algorithms and actual human stylists to provide personal styling services as well as to bundle up and send outfits that their customers could like through subscription-style boxes. The customers will then decide to keep whatever clothes they like and send back the others.. - rate

Pure Collection

Pure Collection Founded by Adam Holdsworth and Nick Falkingham in 2002, Pure Collection started with only a few pieces in a page catalog and later expanded to introduce ready-to-wear clothing. Today it sells anything cashmere both online and offline through its boutique and concessions with John Lewis. - rate

Featured Brands

The Home Depot The Home Depot One of the most recognizable home improvement brands in the United States, The Home Depot is renowned for offering a wide variety of products, home improvement services, and free DIY workshops and project ideas. Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble is the largest bookselling company in the United States. With over 750 retail stores across all 50 states, this company sells a variety of digital media, toys and educational products, gifts, reading aids, art supplies, and more, in addition to a myriad of books. iStock Photo iStock Photo Owned and managed by Getty Images, iStock Photo is among the world’s best source of quality stock content, be it photos, illustrations, videos or audio, at affordable prices. Yelp for Business Owners Yelp for Business Owners Yelp is one of the most renowned review sites for businesses, be it a restaurant, plumbing services, or a hotel. After the massive overhaul it made to remove fake reviews and bots, Yelp is slowly regaining the trust of its users, allowing them to make use of reviews posted by others to make critical purchasing decisions. PatPat PatPat Established by InterFocus Inc, PatPat is set up with the sole intent of providing quality mom and baby goods at affordable prices. And how they do that? They use the Manufacturer to Consumer model (M2C) – They cut out the middlemen and let you order your products directly from the manufacturers. Mattel Mattel Mattel is one of the biggest brands and companies when it comes to popular children’s toys. They own multiple IPs including the iconic brands, Barbie and Hot Wheels. Aside from their own range of toys, they also work with other huge entertainment companies like Disney and DC Comics.


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