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YeYe Toys - rate One of the biggest SMEs in Indonesia, YeYe Toys is a brick-and-mortar and online retailer of high-quality toys, games, school supplies, and gifts for children, as well as baby products. Buy Now Similar Brands Bought Post a Review

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One of the biggest SMEs in Indonesia, YeYe Toys is a brick-and-mortar and online retailer of high-quality toys, games, school supplies, and gifts for children, as well as baby products.

What to Buy

Toys are big business in Indonesia. This is not surprising for a market which has long considered children as one of their most important target market segments. With a quarter of its 270 million total population under the age of 14, Indonesia provides immense potential and business opportunities for the toy market (Indonesia demographics profile, 2014).

As expected, most toys in Indonesia come from China and continue to be popular due to their low prices and accessibility. However, not all imported toys meet safety standards and may contain harmful substances proven detrimental to babies and children such as PVC, BPA, phthalates, lead, cadmium, chlorine, and arsenic.

That’s why the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) for Toys was confirmed by the National Standardization Agency of Indonesia to ensure the safety and protection of Indonesian children when it comes to toys. The SNI is designed to build consumers' confidence and boost business opportunities for Indonesia's domestic toy industry as well as provide greater opportunities for the industry to expand its export market.

With such stringent standards regulating the Indonesian toy market, you can rest assured that all toys sold by Indonesia’s YeYe Toys are of the highest quality and guaranteed safe for children of all ages. If you visit, you’ll notice that they don’t have as extensive an inventory compared to other online toy sites; but this is due to the highly curated nature of their offerings and that everything you see on their product pages have been tested and certified to be free of all known harmful chemicals.

Shopping on YeYe Toys is a straightforward affair from their minimalist-designed homepage where you can browse selections by main categories, including Toys & Games (BPA-free plastic balls, plush toys, board games, educational playsets); Baby Gear (ergonomic baby carriers, baby play mats and gym sets, apparel); Kids School Supplies (backpacks, lunchboxes, and pencil cases); and Gifts. They also have more specific toy sections for Best Sellers, Educational Toys, Relaxing & Funny Toys, Night Board Games, Kids Play Tent, Outdoor Toys & Games and Popular Toys.


YeYe Toys accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards, selected debit cards, and Paypal as modes of payment. Most of their orders ship within 24 to 48 hours, and will be shipped either from their warehouses in Indonesia or dropped-shipped from their partners in China. They also offer international shipping with flat rate cost to most destinations in the world for only USD $9.99. Arrival times will usually take 2-3 weeks.

Because YeYe Toys guarantees the premium quality and safety certifications of their products, they offer a Returns & Refunds policy mostly covering stock and shipping errors on their part. Refunds are available for the following reasons: wrong item (in which case, they will give your money back (excluding shipping) and you can still keep your package); damaged/faulty goods (customer must submit a photo of the broken part as proof to proceed with a refund. Refund requests for broken items must be completed within 10 days since receipt of package); a replacement for a defective item is not available and the customer does not want to replace it with another product.

Finally, if you have a blog or social media following which you are looking to monetize, then you’re invited to join YeYe Toys’ Affiliate Program. As a brand ambassador, you will get a chance to receive an exclusive discount of 30% OFF on all YeYe Toys orders and earn commissions of up to 20% for every sale made from your special affiliate code. And even if you don’t have a blog or social media marketing campaign, by simply signing up to YeYe Toys email list, you can also receive special offers and exclusive deals and updates.

Is It Time to Buy?

It’s inevitable that most toys in the market are—and will continue to be—made in China. With YeYe Toys, however, not only do they offer top-quality toys manufactured in Indonesia, but all of their toys and baby products have been carefully curated and have undergone the strictest product standards and certifications to ensure your children are playing with the safest, non-toxic toys in the industry.

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by Mel Nov 6, 2019
One of the biggest SMEs in Indonesia, YeYe Toys is a brick-and-mortar and online retailer of high-quality toys, games, school supplies, and gifts for children, as well as baby products. YeYe Toys Read More
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