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TripAdvisor - rate The largest "social travel website" in the world, TripAdvisor is a US-based free-to-use travel website and app available in 49 markets and 28 languages that offers hotel, attraction, airline, cruise, and restaurant reviews and photographs; accommodation bookings; travel-related content; and interactive travel forums. Buy Now Similar Brands Bought Post a Review

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The largest "social travel website" in the world with about 315 million reviewers and over 730 million reviews, TripAdvisor is a US-based free-to-use travel website and app available in 49 markets and 28 languages that offers hotel, attraction, airline, cruise, and restaurant reviews and photographs; accommodation bookings; travel-related content; and interactive travel forums.

What to Buy

Founded in 2000 before the advent of social media but during a time when online communities were growing through forums, email groups, and bulletin boards; TripAdvisor was originally intended to be a compendium of travel-related information cited from already published guidebooks, articles, and other resources—not a user-generated place where people swapped reviews.

Then, TripAdvisor’s business model totally changed the very moment they added a “Visitors Add Your Own Review” button. Now, 20 years and over 300 million reviewers and 700 million reviews later, TripAdvisor is the largest social network for travel and the most relied-upon resource for hotel and destination reviews in the world.

Available in 49 markets and 28 languages, people all over the world consult TripAdvisor whether they’re planning a vacation, searching for hotel accommodations near or far, comparing prices, debating whether they should try out the newest restaurant, or checking out amenities and rooms on a cruise. With over 8 million rooms, restaurants, experiences, airlines, and cruises to choose from; TripAdvisor’s encyclopedia of updated travel business information and user reviews and opinions makes travel planning a whole lot easier and reliable.

Recently, TripAdvisor also allows users to make bookings from the site by linking to leading travel-related affiliates so users can now book hotels, flights, vacation rentals, restaurants and more directly from the site or app—making TripAdvisor a truly one-stop-shop for all things travel.

Join the close to 500 million average users of TripAdvisor simply by going to or downloading their app for iOS or Android mobile devices. If you’re on the website, just click “Sign Up” at the top-right corner of TripAdvisor home page menu or sign up from the splash page of the app. Choose how you would like to register (Facebook, Google, or Email) and click “Join”. Your new TripAdvisor account is FREE of charge and allows you full access to all of the site or app’s features.

And if you have traveled or plan to travel, here are a couple of ways in which you can get the most out of TripAdvisor:

Search for hotel, experience, flight, and restaurant information and reviews. TripAdvisor’s most popular feature — and the reason it received its iconic status in the travel industry — is its massive collection of user submitted reviews based on real, personal experiences from everyday travelers just like yourself, which are available in multiple languages so you can learn everything you need before making a decision about where to book your next stay or vacation.

Start your search on straight from the home page by clicking on the Where To? button to type in a destination. Below the banner you’ll find links for Hotels, Things To Do, Restaurants, Flights, and More. The rest of the page, furthermore, will offer basic information about the destination you entered, as well as recommendation lists based on sights and landmarks, popular things to do, hotels with breakfasts, and related online articles tagged with your chosen destination.

After selecting your travel category such as “Hotels,” you’ll get a listing of all establishments that have reviews. Below each establishment’s name, you’ll find a variety of pertinent information such as Overall Rating (symbolized by the number of green “bubbles”), number of reviews posted, and hotel ranking in relation to other accommodations in the same city. If you selected “Hotels,” you’ll also find the lowest available price/night offered among other travel website partners listing the same hotel rooms.

For even more accurate results, it is highly recommended that you fill in the check-in and check-out dates section above the listings to get updated availability and pricing, as well as basic filters such as location to nearby attractions, price range, and amenity musts.

You can also filter through your results from the options available. Just click on any checkbox to see results that match that description and click on the keywords to see information about a specific feature.

To view any establishment in more detail, click on the name to go to its page. Here, you will find complete information such as available Prices (Click the yellow “View Deal” button to see the website that offers the best deal); Ratings; Room Type & Features; Amenities; Photos (both company and visitor submitted); Address & Contact Information; Nearby Hotels, Restaurants & Attractions; FAQs, and of course, the Reviews.

When reading Reviews, TripAdvisor is likely to show you the most “helpful” review according to its users, but it is best to read through as wide a range as possible. Sorting by date can be particularly helpful, as reading the most recent reviews (or reviews written in the month you will be travelling) will be more useful to you than reviews from three years ago.

You can also check out the Q&A (where travelers can exchange questions and answers about that particular hotel) and Room Tips (which pulls information from reviews about which rooms are the best to stay in) categories next to the Reviews. Meanwhile, TripAdvisor allows hotel managers the option to respond to reviews—positive and negative—so check back on your (or others) reviews to see if hotel management has a response to the comments and gauge how well they accommodate their customers’ concerns.

Book a reservation. While TripAdvisor is not actually a booking website, it has accredited partnerships with existing booking websites so you can make reservations with them through TripAdvisor. After you have indicated your destination, category, travel dates, and establishment and after listing several deals for you to choose from, just click on any link to be taken directly to the partner website to complete your transaction.

Though you will complete your reservation on the travel website affiliate, you can access your bookings through your TripAdvisor account as well. Simply click on your account name and then select Bookings from the drop-down menu.

Expand the TripAdvisor travel database by writing your own review. TripAdvisor would be nothing without its users submitting the reviews that have shaped its success. Become an active part of their ever-growing community and pay it forward by helping other travelers share in your travel experiences via a review of an establishment you stayed in.

To submit a review on TripAdvisor, first make sure you are logged in to your account. Then click Review on the main menu bar and select a venue you have saved or recently viewed. Or you can visit the page of any hotel you are viewing and then click the green Write a Review button. If you can’t find the place you would like to review, click Add a Listing to TripAdvisor.

Other helpful TripAdvisor features include on-site Instant Messaging with other travelers where you can share travel experiences and ask questions or advice; Save Favorite Places and Locations which is a great way to wishlist places you’re interested in as you plan your trips, as well as to keep a record of the places you’ve been to like an online journal so you can always go back to them; Travel Map offers its users the ability to create and save a “travel map” highlighting all the places where they’ve been; and Travel Forum for more intensive discussions about hotels, destinations, and travel in general among its highly engaged and informed community of users and travelers.


Whether you’re a frequent traveler on business or someone who has just taken a rare few days staycation at a nearby B&B, as an active reviewer on the site/app, you can earn TripAdvisor TripCollective Badges. Just like Scout badges, these tokens recognize you for your unique contributions that make the TripAdvisor travel community better, more comprehensive, and more trustworthy and reliable. These badges appear next to your reviews and other posts as well as in your profile and get upgraded as you move up their tiers.

Publishing your first review earns you a New Reviewer badge. The more you write, the higher-level badge you can receive (the Top Contributor badge status is awarded to those who post 50 or more reviews).

TripCollective also offers specialty badges to those who review often in a certain category, such as Expertise (3 or more reviews for Hotel, Restaurant, or Attraction); Passport (those who have posted reviews from at least 2 destinations); Helpful Votes (a badge for every milestone you receive after earning a certain number of helpful votes); Explorer (a badge for being one of the first to review a hotel, restaurant, or attraction in a given language); and Traveler’s Choice Reviewer (awarded when a property that you’ve favorably reviewed – or the destination in which it is located – goes on to win a Travelers' Choice Award).

Meanwhile, everything you add to the site – reviews, photos, ratings, plus all you've contributed in the past—builds your TripCollective Points. Receive points to reach new levels. The more points you get, the higher your level - and the more you're recognized in the travel community for your contributions.

Take note, however, that TripCollective points do not have any monetary value and cannot be redeemed for anything. They are simply seals of appreciation from TripAdvisor recognizing the contributions and expertise you share with the broader TripAdvisor community and for helping keep businesses on their toes with your constructive feedback.

Finally, if you’re hungry for even more information than what is already extensively available through their reviews, then head over to TripAdvisor’s Travel Forum, which is a highly-regarded resource for even more opinions, tips, advice, lifehacks, and even helpful insider secrets on hotels, destinations, and other travel-related topics.

The forums are friendly, interactive discussion areas where members can reliably ask for and share their opinions, advice and experiences as travelers and get relatively quick responses. In fact, nearly 2/3rds of TripAdvisor forum posts get an answer within 24 hours.

Anyone can view the TripAdvisor forums, but to post a new topic or reply to a post, you'll need to sign in to your account. Also keep in mind that opinions and comments on the Travel Forum are the commenters’ alone and do not reflect the views of TripAdvisor as a company nor do they vet for their complete accuracy. As such, Forum visitors are encouraged to use their best judgement when reading posts just as they would when reading the reviews. The Forums are also not the place to make allegations of fraud or suspicious contributions regarding a specific person or property on TripAdvisor.

Is It Time to Buy?

As over 500 million users on average can likely attest, very few savvy travelers plan a holiday, staycation, or flight without first consulting the largest, most comprehensive travel resource that is TripAdvisor. Whether you’re reading traveler reviews to choose the cleanest hotel rooms with the best amenities and service, purchasing a ticket at a popular theme park, or leaving a comment to warn others of an unpleasant travel experience; making Trip Advisor an important part of your itinerary ensures your—and your fellow travelers’—best laid travel plans go off as perfectly as possible.

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The largest "social travel website" in the world, TripAdvisor is a US-based free-to-use travel website and app available in 49 markets and 28 languages that offers hotel, attraction, airline, cruise, and restaurant reviews and photographs; accommodation bookings; travel-related content; and interactive travel forums. TripAdvisor Read More
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