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TeamViewer - rate With more than 1.5 billion connected devices, TeamViewer is possibly the most popular remote desktop access and support, which encourages collaboration on a global scale... and sometimes even without the need of installing any software, around! Buy Now Similar Brands Bought Post a Review

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TeamViewer is a software company that creates software, namely secure remote desktop access and support, that connects people across the world, encouraging cooperation and collaboration on a wide range of platforms, sometimes even without the need of installing any software at all. With more than 1.5 billion devices connected via TeamViewer, it is possibly the most popular remote desktop access and support around!

What to Buy

Having an effective remote desktop access and support just like what TeamViewer is able to offer can be very efficient for the running of certain businesses, especially those with resources and tools that are spread out across various locations, regions or even in different countries.

As opposed to the traditional way of travelling from site to site to get the tools they need, companies can now save a whole lot of time and travelling costs simply by having a remote desktop access. Of course, having a clean and easy-to-use interface along with a secure system in place to protect privacy are very appealing bonuses as well.

There are several tools from TeamViewer that businesses often use in their day-to-day – Quick Support, QuickJoin and Blizz. Quick Support allows licensed TeamViewer users, such as customer service representatives, to access the clients’ computers and help them solve the issues they are experiencing with their software. All of this can be done without the need to install anything. Best yet, there’s even a mobile version too.

Similarly, QuickJoin allows other people – people who do not own a TeamViewer license, to join in on a TeamViewer meeting without needing any software installation. The mobile version, called TeamViewer for Meetings, even allows them to join in meetings while on the go.

TeamViewer’s latest tool – Blizz – helps make the software even more powerful by facilitating collaboration at the next level. Aside from having all the functions of QuickJoin, Blizz has additional features like screen-sharing, video, VoIP and phone, which is similar to Skype. It also allows you to invite even more collaborators, including non-TeamViewer users, to join you.

On the mobile platform, TeamViewer provides extra tools that allow you to remotely access unattended computers such as servers (TeamViewer: Remote Control) and Android devices (TeamViewer Host). TeamViewer is also available in more than 30 languages


What makes TeamViewer a so-much-more-attractive choice than its competitors is the fact that it’s very secure. Private things stay private here and there’s no need for any other third-party software like a VPN. TeamViewer’s security system is made of up four levels which includes only allowing trusted devices access, imposing an enforced password reset, requiring a two-factor authentication, and consulting a master white list.

Unlike many other software out there, TeamViewer doesn’t have any recurring fees – yes, you heard right… you just need to pay once for either a single-user or a multi-user license and you’re good to go! They offer a 7-day money back guarantee so there’s no harm in purchasing a copy for your business and give TeamViewer a try, or simply ask for a trial version. However, if you want it for personal use, you can get it for free.

Is It Time to Buy?

If you’re looking for a remote desktop access and support program, then TeamViewer is the most obvious choice. It’s not only easy and convenient to use; it is also a very secure option to use when conducting online meetings. Still unconvinced? Well, you can give TeamViewer a try for free and decide for yourself, but for us, we say… if you need it, it’s definitely time to buy!

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With more than 1.5 billion connected devices, TeamViewer is possibly the most popular remote desktop access and support, which encourages collaboration on a global scale... and sometimes even without the need of installing any software, around! TeamViewer Read More
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