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Sun Basket - rate Sun Basket is a San Francisco-based subscription meal kit delivery service. Known primarily for their focus on mostly all-natural, dietary-restrictive, healthy recipe options, the company ships members fresh, organic, and sustainable ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes every month for hassle-free meal preparation. Buy Now Similar Brands Bought Post a Review

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Sun Basket is a San Francisco-based subscription meal kit delivery service. Known primarily for their focus on mostly all-natural, dietary-restrictive, healthy recipe options, the company ships members fresh, organic, and sustainable ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes every month for hassle-free meal preparation.

What to Buy

Meal kits are all the rage right now, with dozens of start-ups pushing their own unique selling propositions on the meal delivery/subscription service, whether it’s affordable pricing, variety of meal choices, free shipping or easy preparation.

Founded by San Francisco-based Iron Chef America contestant Justine Kelly and tech entrepreneur Adam Zbar in 2014, Sun Basket has a proposition that is arguably more ambitious and idealistic than their competitors’ in that their meal kits are aimed toward families who are not only interested in healthy eating but food sustainability as well with organically-sourced internationally-inspired recipes that are designed to accommodate even some of the most challenging dietary restrictions. With those lofty goals in mind, Sun Basket believes that it is indeed possible to deliver meals that are healthy, environmentally-friendly, affordable, and delicious all at the same time.

Sun Basket is proud to tout that they are very conscious of their customers strict dietary restrictions and provide gluten-free, Paleo, low glycemic, vegetarian and other dietary options. It is also one of the few meal kit companies that is USDA - Certified Organic with much of their ingredients sourced from highly vetted California farms. In May 2018, the company announced it was working with the American Diabetes Association to introduce diabetes-friendly recipes. In October of that same year, the company's meals received the American Heart Association's Heart-Check certification followed by the announcement that it was working with the American Cancer Society to create meals that meet that organization's health guidelines.

The company, in addition, leads among other meal delivery services in their approach to wasteful meal kit packaging by developing insulation liners using recyclable PET fiber and reclaimed denim; ice packs made from GMO cotton and water; compostable ingredient bags, and setting a goal to produce zero waste packaging in the next few years.

To start having your meals delivered by Sun Basket, simply go to or download their app for Apple and Android devices. After creating an account, choose the number of people/servings as well as how many meals delivered per week. After completing that step, you can start selecting a Meal Plan.

The site’s most popular plan is their Classic Menu which offers access to all 18 Sun Basket recipes available each week, including 6 family-friendly recipes. Their Classic Menu offers 10 dietary plans (one of the most diverse and specialized in the market today):

Chef’s Choice (Chef Kelly’s hand-picked recipes, highlighting peak seasonal produce, top-quality meats and seafood, and exclusive house-made sauces); Carb-Conscious (all meals contain 25-35g net carbs or less and at least 25g of protein per serving); Paleo (clean, high-protein recipes full of fresh veggies, top quality meats and seafood, and no dairy, gluten, grains, soy, or corn. Many are also Whole30-friendly); Quick & Easy (their lowest fuss recipes without compromising on taste or quality); Lean & Clean (lean proteins, clean ingredients, no gluten, soy, or dairy, and all under 600 calories per serving for weight watchers); Diabetes-Friendly (carb-conscious, high protein and fiber meals with less than 10% of calories from added sugar); Gluten-Free (fresh vegetables, top quality meats and seafood, plus gluten-free alternatives); Vegetarian (balanced dinners full of organic veggies, responsibly sourced dairy, and organic eggs); Pescatarian (combines the benefits of a rich, organic vegetarian diet with an added dose of wild-caught, sustainably sourced seafood); and Mediterranean (seasonal produce, responsibly raised meat & wild-caught seafood paired alongside whole grains, good fats, and fresh herbs) meal plan options. All recipes are approximately portioned for 2 or 4 adults, depending on your plan selection.

Sun Basket’s Family Menu is their best value package where you can choose from 6 delicious kid-friendly recipes each week with Chef’s Choice (hand-picked recipes that are a favorite of parents and kids alike such as pasta and tacos) and Vegetarian Meal Plan. All recipes are portioned for 4 adults with leftovers for families with younger children.

Meanwhile, as a subscriber, if you want to vary your options a bit for your next month’s phase of meals, you have the freedom to upgrade to their Classic Menu to unlock more choices. (Take note, however, that you cannot mix and match recipes between the Classic and Family menu, but you can change your meal plan at any time in your Account settings).

With the Classic Menu, you have 18 entrees to choose from, five of which are vegetarian and/or vegan. If you sign up for a particular dietary plan the company will filter out what doesn’t work with your diet such as ingredients like soy, gluten, or shellfish. This is especially important if you let Sun Basket send you the default recipes each week instead of choosing them yourself. Dishes tend to use global influences and are a bit more exciting than the usual burgers and pasta that populate some other meal kit services. Some examples of the kind of tasty, healthy meals they offer include: Thai Lettuce Chicken Cups, Greek-style Chickpea Gyros, Sheet Pan Pork Sausages with Roasted Apple and Squash, Moroccan Salmon in Chraime Sauce with Cauliflower ‘couscous’, Gingered Steak Stir-Fry, and Mushroom Risotto with Spinach & Parmesan.

Meanwhile, instead of individual recipe cards, Sun Basket includes a recipe booklet with all of that week’s recipes in it, even the ones you didn’t sign up for. This is especially useful for those who want to recreate other recipes on their own. Furthermore, the recipes don’t require advanced techniques or specialized cooking implements and cook times average at around 30 minutes.

Some meal kit services offer wine pairings, but Sun Basket skips the wine in favor of much more practical add-ons, like coffee and tea. They also offer extras such as soups, pita, and flatbreads to pair with your meals; salad kits and fresh pasta for quick lunches; and breakfasts and snack options such as oatmeal, yogurts, dips, energy bars, jerky, granola, and juices.


Prices for the Classic Menu are: 2 recipes/week (for 2 people = $51.96; 4 people = $103.92); 3 recipes/week (for 2 people = $71.94; 4 people = $143.88); 4 recipes/week (for 2 people = $87.92; 4 people = $175.84).

On the other hand, the Family Menu costs for 4 people are: 2 recipes/week = $87.92; 3 recipes/week = $131.88; 4 recipes/week = $175.84.

As of this review’s printing, you can receive FREE shipping on your first delivery. Afterwards, Sun Basket charges a flat $6.99 shipping fee per delivery regardless of plan.

Sun Basket delivers to almost all US zip codes and kits containing all the ingredients needed to cook the meals (except salt, pepper, and olive oil) are delivered once a week in an insulated cardboard box (Sun Basket ships to most zip codes in the United States, excluding AK, HI, MT, & parts of NM). You can select your preferred day when signing up, but not the time; however, since the ingredients are packed in insulated boxes and pouches, even if your box arrives in the morning, they will remain cold and fresh upon your arrival.

Sun Basket likes to tout its “eco-friendly” packaging, consisting of ingredients bundled into paper bags packed into a big cardboard box can be recycled curbside. And while the individual ingredients are mostly packed in plastic containers for protection, they are of the recyclable type accepted by some municipal recycling centers (but not all). The gel packs used for cooling, meanwhile, are made with a combination of biodegradable water and cotton that can be poured into the trash or the compost bin.

It’s easy to change plans and preferences, delivery dates, and the number of meals and servings by going to your My Account and editing your settings. Plus, if you’re going on vacation or planning on eating out for a while, skipping a week requires clicking on the Schedule tab to pause your subscription up to six weeks in advance. There’s also a link so you can have your box forwarded to a friend, to another address such as the vacation rental you’re heading to or donate it to the charity, Feeding America.

What’s more, Sun Basket allows you the freedom to pause your subscription indefinitely, change to every other week or once-a-month deliveries, or cancel completely. Just click on the Manage My Subscription link on your My Account settings page.

Finally, Sun Basket has tons of affiliate partners promoting them on their blogs and social media accounts. Simply do a search on Sun Basket (particularly reviews) and you can find a variety of active coupon codes which you can use upon checkout (such as $40 off on your first order of $60 and above).

Is It Time to Buy?

For hassle-free meals delivered straight to your doorstep that are not only made with fresh, organic, sustainably-sourced high-quality ingredients but suit all sorts of restricted diets as well; Sun Basket is a cut above the crowded meal kit subscription competition. They may be priced a few dollars more per meal than the usual service, but the generous portions, flexible variety of choices, and creatively-inspired recipes that taste great, make the extra cost worth considering.

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by Mel Jun 26, 2021
Sun Basket is a San Francisco-based subscription meal kit delivery service. Known primarily for their focus on mostly all-natural, dietary-restrictive, healthy recipe options, the company ships members fresh, organic, and sustainable ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes every month for hassle-free meal preparation. Sun Basket Read More
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