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RollinGreens - rate RollinGreens is a Boulder, Colorado convenience food brand that specializes in plant-based products such as their signature Millet Tots, Cauliflower Wings, and their new plant-based ground meat line. Notable for its appearance on Shark Tank, RollinGreens is currently sold in over 5,000 stores across the United States. Buy Now Similar Brands Bought Post a Review

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Growth of plant-based foods continues to outpace total food sales in 2021 according to data from the Plant Based Foods Association and The Good Food Institute, showing that U.S. retail sales of plant-based foods grew to 6.2% in 2021 bringing the total plant-based market value to an all-time high of $7.4 billion. This is an increase of a whopping 43% in dollar sales since 2019.

Therefore, it’s no wonder why nearly half of all major food companies such as Kroger, Nestlé, and Unilever, have put dedicated plant-based teams in place to help them develop new products to compete in the marketplace. Plant-based food has been around for decades, though, and independent brands such as Boulder, Colorado based RollinGreens have been plant-based food pioneers long before the likes of Beyond Meat, Quorn, Impossible Foods, and Amy’s Kitchen.

The original RollinGreens dates back to 1980, when Ryan Cunningham’s (a.k.a. Chef Ko) parents founded Boulder’s first organic food truck serving delicious, wholesome meals.

Using his professional training as a chef, Cunningham revitalized the RollinGreens food truck in 2014 together with his wife, Lindsey to bring local, organic food back to Boulder. A staple of Boulder’s popular Farmer’s Market, RollinGreens was soon catering vegan and vegetarian food at hundreds of events. Hungry customers lined around the block for hours, waiting on Chef Ko’s millet tots and other innovative and delicious plant-based creations.

In 2016, Chef Ko and Lindsey decided to branch out by launching their popular tots commercially to local and national retailers. Today, there’s no need to form a line around the block for RollinGreens’ new take on comfort food classics; through their website, you can simply order RollinGreens’ famous products for delivery right to your doorstep – or find them at one of 5,000 groceries nationwide.

To further cement RollinGreens foothold in the now competitive plant-based market, Chef Ko and Lindsey Cunningham appeared on the top reality tv program Shark Tank in May of 2020, where they pitched their Millet Tots and Cauliflower Wings on the Season 11 finale of the show seeking $500,000 for 10% of their business. In the end, Cunninghams struck a deal with Robert Herjavec at $500,000 for a 20% share of their business.

What to Buy

Today, RollinGreens continues to roll out new, innovative plant-based items to add to their famous tots and wings, including the launch of their new shelf-stable plant-based ground meat line.

And with, the days of waiting in line at their food truck, or even driving to your grocery store, are over. Now, no matter the distance, you can have RollinGreens’ delicious food truck favorites conveniently delivered right to your doorstep, including:

Organic Millet Tots. RollinGreen’s original and most successful creation on their food truck, Organic Millet Tots are the only non-potato, whole grain tots on the market. Ready from oven (or air fryer) to table in under 15 minutes, these crispy bites are loaded with veggies and millet—an incredibly nutrient-dense whole pseudo grain which is packed with big benefits. Allergen-friendly, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, high in protein and fiber, low glycemic, easily digestible, bursting with vitamins and minerals, and free of fillers and binding agents and batters; Millet Tot flavors include: Organic Basil & Garlic, Organic Onion & Sea Salt, and Organic Sweet Potato & Poblano Chili.

What’s more, they are deep flash-frozen at their peak of freshness to ensure every bit of their delicious nutrients are sealed-in.

Frozen Cauliflower Wings. Also featured on Shark Tank, RollinGreens’ crispy vegan Cauliflower “Wings” are a tasty plant-based meat appetizer or meat replacement. Made from whole cauliflower florets that are flash-frozen at their peak of freshness to ensure every bit of their delicious nutrients and flavor are sealed in, they are lightly coated tempura-style in rice flour with gluten-free ingredients and non-GMO sunflower oil. Healthy and meatless, these wings come in your choice of Chef Ko’s chef-prepared signature sauces including Teriyaki, Spicy Green Buffalo, and Sweet Mustard. Like the tots, you can get them crisply from oven (or air fryer) to table in under 15 minutes.

Plant-Based ME'EAT. On the hunt for new, healthy high protein sources? Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, or just looking to cut down on meat and dairy consumption in your life,

RollinGreens new Plant-Based ME'EAT line packs over 64 g of tasty plant-based protein into each meal. Gluten-free, soy-free, grain-free, nut-free, low glycemic index, no artificial colors, and simple, clean, pronounceable ingredients, the only thing RollinGreens’ ME’EAT products are NOT missing is flavor. What’s more, they are also conveniently shelf-stable and require no refrigeration, so they’re always ready whenever you need it—all you need is water, a pan, and 7-10 minutes and you’ll have your main protein covered! Plant-Based ME'EAT comes in three savory, delicious flavors: Ground Taco Pack, Spicy Chorizo, and Classic Salt & Pepper Beef.


RollinGreens is proud to offer shipping to all 50 United States, which is FREE for all orders over $69.99. They also offer shipping to P.O. boxes with USPS through their Free Shipping option at checkout. Average order processing and delivery time is 5-7 days from the date of order. Please note however, that delivery times may increase during peak order times, such as promotional periods and holidays.

RollinGreens packages their frozen items in a reusable cooler, on dry ice, to ensure your food will arrive cold and ready for storage in your freezer. Since they air-freight their products in 2 days, it is common for little or no dry ice to remain by the time you receive your package. However, your food will still be cold and ready to put right in your freezer.

Want to receive your favorite RollinGreens products on a regular basis without having to check out often? Use their Subscribe and Save Auto Delivery subscription option to order a recurring regular shipment—every 30 days or 60 days--of your favorites and save 10% on every purchase (because shipping frozen product requires so much extra care, they do require a 4-item minimum for frozen items which you can mix-and-match). Cancel at any time.

Finally, sign up for the RollinGreens Insider newsletter and get $5 Off Your First Taco Pack plus exclusive recipes from Chef Ko.

Is It Time to Buy?

With plant-based foods more popular than ever before and projected to grow to even more stratospheric heights in the coming years, it helps to rely on time-tested products that have decades of organic and vegan legacy to their name. Not only does RollinGreens have over 40-years of experience bringing delicious, plant-based goodies to Boulder, Colorado; but now with backing from Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec and presence in over 5,000 stores, RollingGreens is ready to take on the whole world!

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by Mel Oct 16, 2022
RollinGreens is a Boulder, Colorado convenience food brand that specializes in plant-based products such as their signature Millet Tots, Cauliflower Wings, and their new plant-based ground meat line. Notable for its appearance on Shark Tank, RollinGreens is currently sold in over 5,000 stores across the United States. RollinGreens Read More
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