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ReadingIQ - rate A comprehensive digital library for children ages 2 to 12, ReadingIQ is a free (for teachers) and paid (for families) book library service curated by literacy experts that includes thousands of books, including original and exclusive titles and children’s classics in a wide range of subjects, topics, and genres. Buy Now Similar Brands Bought Post a Review

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A comprehensive digital library for children ages 2 to 12 from the creators of ABCmouse, ReadingIQ is a free (for teachers) and paid (for families) book library service curated by literacy experts that includes thousands of books, including original and exclusive titles and children’s classics in a wide range of subjects, topics, and genres.

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According to, children’s reading for pleasure dropped significantly over the past 40 years due to the introduction of technology in the form of smartphones, tablet computers, video gaming consoles, streaming media, and other forms of digital entertainment. Children admitted to only reading for pleasure once or twice a year, whereas some hadn’t even opened a book unless it was for a school assignment.

Furthermore, a government study found that “…today's children are having a harder time learning how to read…" and "For kids in the fourth grade, only about one-third of them are 'proficient' in reading, and another one-third tested under 'basic' reading skills." Unfortunately still, more than 8,000 elementary schools in the U.S. – 10% of schools – do not have a school library. Yet teachers report that students with access to both physical and digital libraries are significantly more likely to be reading above grade level than peers without such access.

While fewer kids are cracking open a paperback nowadays, thankfully, rather than surrender to the draw of technology, ReadingIQ works with technology by bringing books instead to the digital realm in order to increase their exposure to 2 to 12-year-olds, thus helping children develop a lifelong love of reading. Developed by the educational technology company Age of Learning, which also created the No.1 digital learning platform ABCmouse Early Learning Academy; ReadingIQ uses the same research-based, educator-led approach to compile a comprehensive digital library accessible to both children 12-years-old and under (for a subscription fee) and teachers (for FREE) made up of thousands of high-quality books curated by experts to advance children’s literacy.

From Picture Books, Graphic Novels, Chapter Books, Mythology, Wordless Stories, Biographies, Historical Fiction, Jokes & Riddles, Rhymes & Songs, and Non-Fiction in the areas of Earth & Space Science, Biology, Engineering & Technology, Math Concepts, and How-To; ReadingIQ provides the best of children’s literature. Their expansive list of titles include Caldecott and Newbery Award winners; National Geographic and National Geographic Kids books; the complete Boxcar Children series, Curious George, Disney; more than 1,000 exclusive titles; and thousands of additional high-quality fiction and nonfiction books from leading publishers.

ReadingIQ is available at or can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets through the Apple App Store or Google Play.

The entire ReadingIQ library is easily searchable by topic and leveled with both the Guided Reading and Lexile® systems so that children can find titles that match their interests and reading ability. ReadingIQ also includes more than a thousand professionally-voiced audio books to support engagement and comprehension for pre-readers and developing readers as well as a Spanish language collection.

Students and teachers alike can access ReadingIQ in the same way you'd use a traditional library. Students can read on their own, or teachers can project books on a smartboard and read to the class. Upon subscribing to the platform, parents and teachers can create an account for each student to set an appropriate reading level, keep tabs on how much they're reading, and monitor progress.

In their own accounts, students can browse titles, read or bookmark their favorites, and build their own library. Teachers can assign a theme (for example, biographies of important people in history) and let students find and read material on that theme. Moreover, teachers can assign specific books based on reading level or by topic to get students investigating a particular subject or literature theme as well as assign follow-up activities offline that require students to think critically or create reports about what they've read. Concepts of plot, theme, character development, and so on can follow a work of fiction.

There are also plenty of nonfiction choices, which makes it easy to use the ReadingIQ library as supplementary reading for a variety of subjects, including science, history, math, social studies, and art.


As with ABCmouse, the best thing about ReadingIQ, is that it is a FREE platform for certified educators. The free ReadingIQ for Teachers program was created to address children’s literacy challenges by expanding access to high-quality, high-interest books; strengthening the school-home connection around reading; and encouraging consistent at-home reading. In addition to making entire reading levels of books available for students to read at home for free.
Individual teachers and educators of public schools, private schools, and Head Start programs in the USA and Canada can create a FREE Account on ReadingIQ and have FULL Access to its entire archive to be used for classroom and in-school purposes only with the ability to assign an entire reading level of books to each student to read at home—completely free. ReadingIQ also enables teachers to set daily reading challenges and track students’ reading progress.

Teacher Accounts allow up to 40 Child Users to use ReadingIQ simultaneously. To be eligible for a free Teacher Account, the Teacher must at all times during the subscription period be verifiably employed by an Educational Institution (a school, school district, licensed childcare facility, or other licensed educational institution or program).

The Reading IQ for Family platform (available for both website and Android and iOS apps), on the other hand, is a paid subscription option for families allowing children unlimited access to ReadingIQ’s entire library of 7,000+ premium books for learning as well as a great resource for budding bookworms who love to read as many books as they want.

For just $7.99/month or $49.99/year, ReadingIQ offers up to three children per account all the features and benefits of the ReadingIQ Teacher Account plus additional tools such as those for aligning homeschooling with school curriculum; book recommendations and reading lists to build important reading skills; comprehension quizzes to help measure your child’s reading skills; text-to-speech and highlighting capabilities; and parental tracking and monitoring.

What’s more, not sure whether you want to commit your children to a monthly or yearly ReadingIQ subscription? You can give the service a full tryout with their 30-day free trial. Simply sign up to and create an account with your payment information. Monthly members will not be charged until their first month/free trial has ended with memberships renewing automatically. You can, however, cancel anytime.

Is It Time to Buy?

Whether you’re a parent or teacher, you can start off your children’s/students’ paths to long term, sustained literacy on an excellent track with help from ReadingIQ. One of the best digital libraries available for children 2 to 12-years-old with over 7,000 award-winning, classic, and original titles curated by the best educators in the country; it also has the fantastic advantage of being FREE for certified educators for them to share in their classrooms. Forget about buying expensive paperbacks and hardcovers, with Reading IQ you can have your own massive home or school library at your unlimited disposal for little to no cost at all!

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by Mel Feb 24, 2021
A comprehensive digital library for children ages 2 to 12, ReadingIQ is a free (for teachers) and paid (for families) book library service curated by literacy experts that includes thousands of books, including original and exclusive titles and children’s classics in a wide range of subjects, topics, and genres. ReadingIQ Read More
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