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Playmobil - rate Playmobil is a toy manufacturer that specializes in imaginative playsets. Playmobil sets are not only used as children’s toys but are also treasured by adults as collectibles and even feature in stop motion animated movies.
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Playmobil is a toy manufacturer founded and based in Germany that specializes in imaginative playsets. Featuring 3-inch-tall human figures with cherub-like smiling faces, (known as a “klicky") along with a wide range of accessories such as buildings, vehicles, and animals; approximately 3 billion of the toys have been produced since 1974 and today, Playmobil sets are not only used as children’s toys but are also treasured by adults as collectibles and even feature in stop motion animated movies.

What to Buy

Targeted at children ages 4 to 12, Playmobil’s unique play principle aims to promote child development by stimulating creativity and imagination. With Playmobil, not only are children able to role play different personalities, but they also recreate and experience the real world in miniature. The first Playmobil sets in the 1970s were themed around knights, Native Americans, and construction workers and now cover a full spectrum of characters ranging from everyday people such as newlyweds, police officers, and teachers; fantastic beasts like dragons and dinosaurs; as well as interesting figures such as pirates and secret agents.

Playmobil introduces dozens of new, trending themes every two years as older sets are discontinued, including limited edition commemorative collections celebrating historical events or figures, and play sets with promotional movie tie-ins such as their partnership with DreamWorks Studio for the “How To Train Your Dragon” series or “Ghostbusters”. These practices have helped give rise to a large worldwide community of adult Playmobil toy collectors. Furthermore, the toys’ excellent versatility and articulation also make them ideal for customization, dioramas, miniature wargaming, photo storytelling, and stop-motion animation filmmaking.

Whether you’re a parent encouraging your children’s imagination and coordination skills or a serious toy collector speculating on the future value of Playmobil History figures, shopping on the Playmobil site is as easy as clicking on one of the current collection category thumbnails on the homepage. Or do a Fast Search by entering a keyword or product number for all possible results which you can narrow down by filters such as price, type, age, etc.

Looking for playset Add Ons, Sales, and Discontinued themes? Click on Shop at the top of the page for great finds and discounts. For even more fun stuff and activities for kids, tap on Play where you can download apps and wallpapers, read and watch exclusive Playmobil comics and short movies, play online games, and print out a variety of postcards, coloring books, quizzes, and games.


Shopping at the Playmobil Online Shop offers perks such as Free UPS Standard shipping on all orders over $29.99, special offers, bonus gifts, secure payment methods and more. The site accepts Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit cards, debit card, or PayPal. only accepts credit cards with US billing addresses, and only ships within the United States and Puerto Rico.

As for returns, unopened sets may be returned up to 30 days from date of purchase accompanied by a copy of the packing slip and must include a Return Authorization label affixed to the outer carton/box. Accepted returns are eligible for a full refund of the original purchase price in the original form of payment or exchanged with merchandise credit. Returns of discontinued and final sale items will not be accepted.

Because Playmobil understands how their small playset parts may sometimes be misplaced, flushed down the toilet by a child, or mistaken for kibble by the family dog; Playmobil has an actual Parts Department you can contact for replacement and spare toy parts. Simply call their toll-free number at 1-800-752-9662 and let them know the part number as indicated on the playset’s building instructions. If you no longer have the building instructions, you can download them at the Building Instructions section under Customer Service.

Meanwhile, if you want to give a Playmobil gift to a loved one but would rather they spearhead their own creativity by letting them choose the type of playset themselves, a Playmobil Gift Certificate is a great option and can be purchased with a value ranging from US $5 to $300. Once purchased, they can be sent to any person with a valid email address. If you're interested in personally delivering the Gift Certificate to the recipient, simply enter your own email address as the "Recipient's Email" and print out the certificate once it arrives in your inbox. The certificate will be activated within 24 hours after sending the email and can be redeemed with the recipient's next order. The certificate value will automatically be deducted from the order total. Only using a portion of the Gift Certificate? No problem - you can view the remaining value available for use on future purchases by checking "Online Shop - Gift Certificates".

Furthermore, sign up to the official Playmobil newsletter for new product drops and other news and you can receive a 15% off welcome coupon on your first order.

Is It Time to Buy?

Playmobil playsets have been inspiring limitless creativity and appealing to the inner child of millions around the world for over 40 years. Backed by German design and engineering, Playmobil's sturdy, versatile themed toys will continue to be played with, collected, and made into movies; providing many more years of joy to children—young or old.

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by Mel Sep 29, 2019
Playmobil is a toy manufacturer that specializes in imaginative playsets. Playmobil sets are not only used as children’s toys but are also treasured by adults as collectibles and even feature in stop motion animated movies.
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