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Perfect Privacy - rate Perfect Privacy has been dedicated to preserve anonymity and assure your privacy online since 2008. They have available multiple VPN services and proxies for your pick, military-grade encryption and are always testing the boundaries trying to learn something to add protection to their software. Buy Now Similar Brands Bought Post a Review

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This professional VPN service, Perfect Privacy, has been dedicated to preserving anonymity and assuring your privacy online since 2008. They offer various fast-loading servers around the world. They have available multiple VPN services and proxies for your pick, military-grade encryption and are always testing the boundaries trying to learn something to add protection to their software.

What to Buy

This is a premium service that will record any of your moves online, so they can’t be sold to third parties or used against you in any way. You can protect your PC, Laptop, smartphone or tablet at the same time in all of your devices without any limitation because you can have an unlimited number of simultaneous connections. Plus, you don’t traffic limitation involving speed or volume.

They offer server in over 23 locations worldwide, and some of them even offer up to 1000mbps bandwidth. You will have the ability to swiftly swap between OpenVPN and IPSec protocols when you feel like it. You can choose SSH and proxies for more experienced users, and they secure IPv6 addresses on all primary servers.

Their unique features allow you to cascade over up to four different servers. This means you can route your connection over several VPN servers adding an extra layer of security. For instance, you are able to pick an entry point at your hometown and leave the VPN network in some place else. Besides, you will be protected from IP leaks thanks to their integrated Firewall protection.

There is no need to worry about DNS leaks because of their client integrated DNS leaks protection! You can rest assure all your DNS requests are being sent once they are encrypted and through Perfect Privacy specific servers. Another great perk is the forwarding of up to eight different ports, three of them are chosen randomly, and you can set up five custom ports.

Their prices start at 12.99€ for the monthly subscription, 11.98€ per month if you choose the three-month plan, 10.99€ each month per the six-month subscription, 9.99€ per month for their one year plan or 8.95€ if you want to subscribe to their two-year program. They have over sixty different methods of payment, so won’t have any issue to subscribe to their platform.


You will have at your service their Stealth VPN Technology which allow you to disguise VPN packet as they were normal web traffic. This spec helps you blend in the network and thanks to that you won’t be blocked by firewalls. This is an excellent way around censorship in non-democratic countries with web limitation for their citizens.

Is It Time to Buy?

This is not your standard “click and play” VPN server, but the quality of their service is meant for the most demanding users who want to bypass lots of internet hurdles. A premium VPN service which allows you to mask your identity and make things a lot more difficult for hackers, government surveillance, tracking, and many more. For a complete VPN service check their website!
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