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Official North Pole Mail - rate Official North Pole Mail is an American Christmas gifts service for children specializing in personalized letters, “Nice List” certificates, postcards, and gifts from “Santa Claus”. Buy Now Similar Brands Bought Post a Review

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Official North Pole Mail is an American Christmas gifts service for children specializing in personalized letters, “Nice List” certificates, postcards, and gifts from “Santa Claus”. They offer 20 professionally designed letter backgrounds and over 40+ text templates that you are free to use or edit as you wish.

What to Buy

Many parents with young children who believe that Santa Claus is real face a dilemma each and every Christmas season—should you nip their juvenile sense of wonder in the bud and rudely awaken them to reality as soon as possible, or do you let them relish in their magical fantasy worlds and imaginations for as long as it takes?

Official North Pole Mail wholeheartedly believes in the latter, and since 2006, has been offering products and services to thousands of families worldwide that have become Christmas family traditions that didn’t exist before. Santa Claus has been used as an icon to represent the spirit of giving and sharing for hundreds of years, and Official North Pole Mail aims to help parents teach these values through the Santa Claus letters they lovingly produce.

The experience and memories of an authentic-looking Santa letter can last a lifetime for both children and parents and that is why the company makes your child's experiences their top priority by ensuring their products and services are of premium quality. They are definitely NOT one of those “Santa Letter” email scams soliciting $20 to send your child a letter and certificate purportedly from an actual Arctic address but are simply phishing for your personal information. is a legitimate e-commerce site selling actual products (most costing well below $20) and with hundreds of satisfied testimonials.

More than just a letter from Santa Claus, Official North Pole Mail offers a complete custom letter and gift bundle designed entirely by you, the customer. They don’t offer pre-bundled packages but rather a small selection of gift upgrades that you can purchase as extras. So, not only can you add an even more special touch to your letters, but you can customize the experience to fit all kinds of budgets.

For even extra authenticity, the company also customized their own exclusive, copyrighted postmark that they stamp on their letter envelopes before they ever go to a post office (and which already includes electronic postage). The only indicator of an original post-marked address is their listed Postmaster Code (in cases of return to sender).

Selecting an “Official North Pole Mail” type to send to your child is as simple as going to their main page and selecting Letters, Certificates, Postcards, or Gifts.

Their most popular product, the Santa Letter Service starts at $10.95 and uses their proprietary “Santa Letter Designer” with which you select from over 20 professionally-designed Christmas-themed colored stationery backgrounds and then choose a letter template out of their 40+ pre-written samples where you can edit it with your child’s information and uniquely specific details. Or you can write an entirely original letter from scratch. It's simple, secure, and easy!

Once you have finished customizing and confirming the text of your letter you will be able to add any of Official North Pole Mail’s Letter Upgrades (for an extra charge) to make your letter from Santa look completely authentic, such as an official-looking Wax Seal with gold stamping, Frosty’s Magic Snow flakes, Reindeer Food and Reindeer Bell and much more. Finally, review your order and check out using their secure server. You will then receive a payment receipt once order is confirmed.

Official North Pole Mail also offers a Nice List Certificate for $7.99 which is Santa’s official certification that your child is on his “Nice List”. Featuring an elegant colored Santa design printed on diploma-grade parchment, simply input the name of your child, add a Letter Upgrade if you wish, and check out.

The site also sells colorful Santa Claus-themed Postcards for $5.99 which also come with customizable text templates, as well as unique, high-quality Gifts including Evidence Kits (an ingenious way to convince your kids that Santa made a personal visit to your home); an heirloom-quality Baby’s First Ornament made of aluminum and Swarovski crystals; a collectible bronze-colored Santa’s Magic Key that comes in an antiqued keepsake box; and a “Santa-autographed” Night Before Christmas hardcover picture book and FREE 8x10 autographed picture of “Santa Claus” himself.


Official North Pole Mail accepts online payments through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards as well as Visa and MasterCard debit. They also accept PayPal and online checks via an active PayPal account.

Orders usually ship within 2 business days upon placement of order or, if you choose, you also have the option to delay shipping date to a wide selection of dates prior to Christmas. If you select a delayed date, your package will be prepared and then reserved in their storage facility until the date you have selected. As soon as the item is shipped, allow up to 10 days for your First Class-shipped letters and packages to arrive. For delivery dates close to Christmas Day, the site recommends choosing Priority Mail (for an extra charge) to ensure your letters or gifts arrive between 1 to 3 business days.

Because it is important to that you and your children are 100% satisfied with their customized Santa Letter, they offer a 30-day (from date of delivery), no- questions-asked Return Policy. Simply send the letter back and receive a 100% refund of your purchase price. Official North Pole Mail is the only online Santa site to offer such a confident Money Back/Satisfaction Guarantee policy.

Finally, make sure you sign up to’s official newsletter before ordering so you can receive special coupon codes and promotion announcements. Published once a month, the newsletter also contains useful information about their products, order reminders, as well as holidays tips and ideas for parents.

Is It Time to Buy?

If you’re looking for a genuine e-commerce site selling authentic-looking and professionally produced Santa Letters and collectible Christmas gifts for your children, look no further than Official North Pole Mail. Not only do they offer thoughtful, heartfelt messages, they create a complete magical experience your kids will remember and cherish for a lifetime. As thousands of happy parents can attest to, there’s no Christmas gift quite like it!

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by Mel Dec 21, 2021
Official North Pole Mail is an American Christmas gifts service for children specializing in personalized letters, “Nice List” certificates, postcards, and gifts from “Santa Claus”. Official North Pole Mail Read More
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