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MVMT - rate MVMT is an LA-based watch company which focuses designing stylish watches instead of complex ones while managing to keep the prices as low as possible, making it possible for more people to afford stylish and reliable pieces without having to break the bank. Buy Now Similar Brands Bought Post a Review

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MVMT is an LA-based watch company which focuses entirely on style and design instead of complexity. Founded in June 2013 by college dropouts Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante to then be acquired by Movado in August 2018, it sells quartz watches, sunglasses, and accessories for both men and women.

According to the website, both founders were fed up with the market’s offer in regards to fashionable watches. They focused on creating stylish pieces to compete with some of the big names in the industry while keeping a relatively low price. Besides that, after Movado took control of the company, the rise has been monumental.

What to Buy

MVMT’s website is separated into men and women sections, although both have access to the same types of products.

In the watches section, you can find 11 MVTV watch collections for men and 12 for women, each of them featuring more than 20 models. With prices ranging from $100 and going up to $300, there’s something for everyone. There’s also a section dedicated to exclusive straps for your previously purchased models.

In the eyewear section, there is a variety of sunglasses available alongside MVMT’s exclusive Everscroll collection, specially designed for people who use screens most of their time. All models hover around $65-80.

In the jewelry section, available only for women, different models of necklaces and bracelets are available. The overall look matches their watches collections for women, the prices range from $40 to around $80, and the manufacturing quality is pretty impressive.

MVMT also sells already arranged bundles as gift boxes for men and women alike. There are a variety of different bundles ranging from $100 to $400 each. These are perfect for those special occasions in which a normal gift won’t suffice.

Besides these products, MVMT also offers exclusive collector boxes for men and women to enable customers to showcase their already purchased models in an elegant way. These boxes cost $90 and look amazing.


There’s something which differentiates MVMT from other watch brands out there and that’s the fact that they’re entirely focused on fashion and style, creating really simple models which look amazing. They design solid and extremely fashionable products catered for adult millenials who want to take their style to the next level for a reasonable price.

MVMT’s guarantees its products’ manufacturing quality for 2 years and will replace or repair any piece presenting factory defects for free if purchased at an authorized dealer. This is key when choosing a watch manufacturer.

Is It Time to Buy?

Although there are thousands of watch companies which could be considered better than MVMT, the brand’s focus on style and fashion pretty much silence that argument, as their models are sleek, modern, fashionable, and feature a really low price tag considering the manufacturing quality.

If you’re looking to buy really cool-looking accessories from a reliable brand which is growing with its community, go check out some models MVMT has been designing for the last years.


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by Justo Jul 21, 2019
MVMT is an LA-based watch company which focuses designing stylish watches instead of complex ones while managing to keep the prices as low as possible, making it possible for more people to afford stylish and reliable pieces without having to break the bank. MVMT Read More
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