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Mott & Bow - rate Mott & Bow is a direct-to-consumer online apparel brand for men and women. Describing themselves as the “naysayers of $200 jeans,” Mott & Bow specializes in handcrafted, premium jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, and shirts at affordable prices. Buy Now Similar Brands Bought Post a Review

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Mott & Bow is a direct-to-consumer online apparel brand for men and women. Describing themselves as the “naysayers of $200 jeans,” Mott & Bow specializes in handcrafted, premium jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, and shirts at affordable prices.

What to Buy

Many folks avoid buying jeans online mainly because jeans brands are notoriously inconsistent when it comes to fit, resulting in frequent returns/refunds. That fact can get particularly frustrating with premium jeans, thus the tendency to buy them in-store—along with their expensive $200+ in-store prices.

So, what if there was a way to ensure you get premium jeans with a perfect fit every time as well as none of the brick-and-mortar overhead costs?

Mott & Bow was founded with a specific goal in mind — to offer premium-quality jeans made of the finest denim fabrics in the world at fair prices by retaining full control over the entire manufacturing process, eliminating waste, cutting out the middlemen, selling them exclusively online, and passing the savings to customers.

The brand attributes the quality of their jeans to their method of using a “manually intensive artistic processes” for each pair of jeans called “denim science”. It is a 6-step process involving Resin Application (jeans are sprayed or immersed with a resin mix to achieve a certain look or feel); Oven Curation (curing of jeans over low heat in an oven); Scraping (uneven scraping of denim to replicate a distressed look); Pinning & Tying (jeans are then pinned, tied, and wrapped by hand in netting to create various contrasting and whiskering effects); Washing & Drying (depending on the desired final look, pumice stones or silicone balls are added for friction to help create the various washes); and Finishing.

Mott & Bow jeans come in 3 fits for Men (Skinny, Slim, and Straight) and 5 classic cuts for Women (High-Rise Skinny, Curvy High-Rise Skinny, Mid-Rise Skinny, Slim Boyfriend, and The Mom Jean). It is worth noting that Mott & Bow Men’s jeans do have a bit of give in them to accommodate most leg shapes, so their Skinny Jeans hug your curves less like jeggings and fit more like Slim Jeans which, in turn, have more of a relaxed fit that’s a little narrower than Straight Jeans.

And because the company totally understands that no two brands of jeans fit exactly the same on any particular physique and it is obviously impossible to try them on for size in-store, Mott & Bow offers a Home Try-on Program--which brings the fitting room experience straight to your doorstep!

How does it work? For most jean types (depending on stock and demand), simply checkout two different sized pairs when ordering. When your jeans arrive, you keep the pair that fits and return the second pair that doesn’t for a full refund. Using their free pre-paid address label, just drop off your return box at your nearest UPS with no cost to you. Using the program is the best way to make sure the jeans you order fit perfectly because their normal returns policy includes a restocking fee and doesn’t cover the cost of return.

And while Mott & Bow is known primarily for their jeans, they’ve also recently added a select, but equally premium yet affordable line of basics to their core collection, including tees, dresses, tops, and sweaters for women; and tees, sweaters, and shirts for men. All of their collections feature high-quality fabrics such as cashmere, Italian cotton, and silk crepe.


Mott & Bow accepts credit cards (American Express, Mastercard, and Visa) as well as PayPal for both domestic and international orders. They ship to all 50 US states and to over 20 countries worldwide. Standard shipping is FREE on all orders over $150.

Meanwhile, join Mott & Bow’s Referral Program for an opportunity to get a FREE pair of jeans for every friend you refer that makes a jean purchase. Just sign up to to receive your special referral link, then invite your friends to check out the site. You will get a store credit of $96 (equivalent to the price of their least-expensive pair of jeans) as soon as your friend completes a qualified purchase on the site (your friends also get 20% off when they apply your unique link upon their first order). You can get up to $960 in store credit to use for any Mott & Bow merchandise.

(Friend must be a new customer. Store credit will be available 45 days after a friend's approved purchase. To qualify for this program, shipping address of referrer cannot match the shipping address of a friend).

Is It Time to Buy?

Finally say goodbye to paying $200+ for just one pair of premium-quality jeans. Starting at just $98, Mott & Bow jeans provide excellent fit, long-lasting construction, and effortless style for all body shapes and sizes—at prices that are easy on your budget!

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New Brand Added: Mott & Bow

by Mel Jul 26, 2021
Mott & Bow is a direct-to-consumer online apparel brand for men and women. Describing themselves as the “naysayers of $200 jeans,” Mott & Bow specializes in handcrafted, premium jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, and shirts at affordable prices. Mott & Bow Read More
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