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Marriott Bonvoy - rate With more than 7,000 hotels to choose from, hundreds of premium benefits, and endless experiences, Marriott Bonvoy is hotel chain Marriott International’s loyalty program where you can earn hotel rewards with every night’s stay at a Marriott property, by using Marriott co-branded credit cards, and more. Buy Now Similar Brands Bought Post a Review

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Marriott Bonvoy is hotel chain Marriott International’s loyalty program where you can earn hotel rewards with every night’s stay at a Marriott property, by using Marriott co-branded credit cards, and more. With more than 7,000 hotels to choose from, hundreds of premium benefits, and endless experiences, Marriott Bonvoy gives members access to it all.

What to Buy

Marriott International is an American multinational diversified hospitality company that manages and franchises a broad portfolio of hotels and related accommodations. Its flagship is Marriott Hotels & Resorts, while their luxury brands are JW Marriott and The Ritz-Carlton. After Marriott International’s acquisition of Starwood Hotels and Resorts in 2016, it took under its fold hotel brands such as Westin, Sheraton, The Luxury Collection, St. Regis Hotels & Resorts, W Hotels, Edition, and Le Meridien; making it the largest hotel chain in the world with 30 brands and 7,003 properties in 131 countries and territories.

Soon after the merger with Starwood, Marriott International launched Marriott Bonvoy as the corporation’s newly combined loyalty program, which brought together Marriott Rewards, Ritz-Carlton Rewards, and Starwood Preferred Guest loyalty programs into one giant rewards card. It currently has 120 million members, the largest loyalty program for a single hotel company.

With so many topnotch hotels under its umbrella, it’s no wonder why Marriott Bonvoy is the world’s most popular hotel loyalty program. Before booking your first Marriott group hotel room and earning points, start off by signing up with Marriott Bonvoy in either one of two ways: registering an account on or downloading the Marriott Bonvoy app for iOS or Android devices.

After enrolling in Marriott Bonvoy, activating your online/mobile account, and receiving your Digital Membership Card; you will be able to search for members’ rates on hotels; update your account profile/preferences and payment details; manage your past and upcoming reservation activity; view your Nights and Points balance, find hotel promos; and more. If you use AND the Marriott Bonvoy app, your information will be synced on both platforms simply by logging in to either.

With your Marriott Bonvoy account good to go, you can now browse for the best deals on rooms from the convenience of your computer or smartphone. Just key in Destination, Dates of Stay, Rooms & Guests, Special Rates code (if applicable), and check Points (if using). Then it’s just a matter of narrowing your search with filters, selecting your hotel room and the Member’s Rate, choosing room features and special requests, and booking your reservation. Marriott Bonvoy will then update and save all of your billing, reservation, and balance details automatically to your account for your future reference.

While using to book your rooms is already easy in itself, using the Marriott Bonvoy mobile app offers even more perks and advantages, and is our recommended way of making the most out of your membership. Not only does it function as your Digital Membership Card that you simply have to flash at check-in, you can also view and manage all your reservations from one screen, get maps and directions, access one-touch calling and direct chat with hotel reception, check-in online up to 48 hours before arrival, and receive “Room Ready” alerts.
Once you’ve settled into your room, you’ll find that the Bonvoy app has extensive interconnectivity with the hotel. You can use the app’s 24/7 Mobile Requests and Chat if you need extra towels or a wake-up call; make dining and spa reservations (at select hotels); and if you’re using an iPhone or Apple Watch, you can use the app’s Siri-Activated Mobile Key to unlock your room.


Meanwhile, your Marriott hotel experience doesn’t just end when you check-out. In fact, your first night simply opens up a whole new cache of abundant rewards, unique perks, and exciting opportunities. Apart from its standard FREE membership, Marriott Bonvoy offers five levels of Elite tiers: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium and Ambassador (on top of their Lifetime Elite status tiers).

Just by being a Marriott Bonvoy Member (0-9 Nights/Year) you already get benefits such as Member’s Rates, Cash+Points payment (ability to use points to subsidize the cost of a room), Instant Points Redemption (instantly redeem points for meals, spa appointments, and cocktails), No Blackout Dates, and free standard Wi-Fi—which are solid bonuses in their own right, but each Elite tier of status unlocks tons of additional perks.

Silver Elite (10 - 24 Nights/Year). Earned after 10 qualifying nights, includes all of the benefits of a Regular Membership PLUS a 10% Point Bonus on Stays, Priority Late Checkout, access to a Dedicated Elite Reservation phone line, and Ultimate Reservation Guarantee (wherein Marriott Bonvoy will pay for accommodations at a similar establishment nearby + points compensation if for any reason they can’t honor your reservation).

Gold Elite (25 - 49 Nights/Year). Earned after 25 qualifying nights, it includes, in addition to Silver perks, a 25% Point Bonus, Complimentary Enhanced In-Room Internet, Enhanced Room Upgrades, 2PM Late Checkout, and a Welcome Gift of 250 to 500 bonus points per stay.

Platinum Elite (50 - 74 Nights/Year). Earned after 50 qualifying nights, it includes all Gold status benefits PLUS a 50% Point Bonus, Enhanced Room Upgrades (including standard suites), free Lounge Access, 4PM Late Check-out, Platinum Arrival Gift (your choice of points, free breakfast/food, or amenity access), as well as an Annual Choice Benefit (your choice of 5 Elite Night Credits, 5 Suite Night Awards, ability to gift Silver Elite status to a friend, 40% off a Marriott mattress, or a $100 charity donation).

Titanium Elite (75 - 99 Nights/Year). Earned after 75 qualifying nights, you access all Platinum benefits as well as a 75% Point Bonus, an Annual Choice Benefit list that also includes 1 Free Night and ability to gift Gold Elite status, 48-Hour Guaranteed Room Availability, and complimentary United MileagePlus® Premier® Silver Status (in partnership with the RewardsPlus program).

Ambassador Elite (100 + Nights/Year). Earned after 100 qualifying nights AND $20,000 in annual Marriott spending, it affords you all Titanium Elite benefits plus personalized “Ambassador” service to assist you on your stay. You also receive the You24 benefit that lets you select the 24-hour check-in and check-out time of your choice. So if you arrive on a late 11pm flight for a one-night stay, you can check out exactly 24-hours later at 11pm.

As for how earning rewards points, Marriott Bonvoy functions like most hotel loyalty programs: You earn the majority of your points by staying at Marriott properties or spending through Marriott Bonvoy co-branded credit cards. You can also earn points by booking events/meetings at Marriott participating properties; booking with travel partners (such as Hertz and Cruises Only); Referring a Friend; through buying, gifting, or transferring points; purchasing Marriott Gift Cards, selecting Green Choice (receive up to 5,000 points/stay in exchange for forgoing daily housekeeping), and by social media interaction with the brand.

The most popular option for redemption of rewards is for free hotel nights, with awards priced according to the desirability of a specific hotel property. Other ways in which to use your points include Cash + Points and Instant Redemption (using points as hotel credit against your total paid room, dining, or spa bill); Point Upgrades (using an extra 5,000 points to upgrade your paid OR award nights room); Travel Redemptions and Airline Transfers (using points for free airline tickets, free or discounted cruise line tickets, or airline miles); Hotel + Air Redemption (airline miles + a 7-night stay at Marriott or Ritz-Carlton hotels around the world); Marriott Bonvoy Moments (cash in your points for unique experiences like culinary events, tickets to concerts, and seats at a professional sports game); and Shop/Donate (redeem points for hotel branded merchandise or donate your points to the Red Cross/Red Crescent or Hotels for Heroes).

Is It Time to Buy?

When it comes to hotel rewards points more is always better! Whether through hotel night stays, co-branded credit cards, partner establishments, and special promotions; there are lots of different—and easy—ways to collect Marriott points going towards some fantastic perks. With so many options available for redemptions-- including the ability to pay for a room using both cash and points combined— you’re sure to be an avid fan of the Marriott Bonvoy program just like 120 million others around the world.

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New Brand Added: Marriott Bonvoy

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With more than 7,000 hotels to choose from, hundreds of premium benefits, and endless experiences, Marriott Bonvoy is hotel chain Marriott International’s loyalty program where you can earn hotel rewards with every night’s stay at a Marriott property, by using Marriott co-branded credit cards, and more. Marriott Bonvoy Read More
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