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MagicKitchen - rate MagicKitchen is an American fully cooked frozen meal home delivery service that is specifically geared towards seniors with special diets. Available in plans from 7 to 21 meals a week, the food is much healthier and more attuned to your particular dietary needs than regular store-bought frozen meals. Buy Now Similar Brands Bought Post a Review

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MagicKitchen is an American fully cooked frozen meal home delivery service that is specifically geared towards seniors with special diets. Available in plans from 7 to 21 meals a week, the food is much healthier and more attuned to your particular dietary needs than regular store-bought frozen meals.

What to Buy

Seniors face a myriad of challenges, especially when they live alone without any assistance—mobility issues, driving concerns, difficulties with grocery shopping and cooking—that meal delivery services become an increasingly attractive option. But unlike many millennial-focused meal kits that still require you to prepare and cook the ingredients shipped, seniors overwhelmingly prefer fully cooked prepared meals that are ready-to-heat and enjoy.

MagicKitchen is one such meal kit company that provides tasty, nutritious, and special diet sensitive meal options, specifically for seniors who would most benefit from the convenience of hot, prepared meals that are ready-to-eat.

Children with senior parents understand the concern and frustrations of seeing them not adequately taking care of their own nutritional needs, especially if they live far away; and MagicKitchen recognized the problem of seniors not always being able to cook for themselves and making sure their dietary requirements and restrictions were being fulfilled. That’s why the company came up with an extensive range of health-related, special diet meal packages that can be delivered to your elderly parents’ doorsteps, assuring they can enjoy quality, healthy meals with little prep or cleanup.

The MagicKitchen team totally realizes that many seniors have special dietary needs to address health conditions and, together with the expertise of a Registered Dietician on board, their focus has been on creating complete meals that are not only filling, delicious and healthy, but also special-diet-friendly. From diabetic and low fat to low sodium and renal meals, MagicKitchen has all your meal nutritional requirements covered.

Unlike other meal delivery kits, MagicKitchen ships fully prepared meals that simply need to be reheated according to the included instructions. You don’t need to add any other ingredients or use any kitchen tools. The only requirements are a working freezer and microwave, and possibly an oven (depending on which meals you choose).

As far as cuisine style, MagicKitchen tends to feature traditional meals like pasta, stew, meatloaf, chicken breast, and casseroles. Many of their meals are either American or Italian, with a few Asian-inspired dishes as well. Though their recipe selection will not be as adventurous with flavors as other meal delivery services, there’s enough variety to satisfy most seniors.

Another advantage of MagicKitchen is that they offer up to three full meals a day, instead of the usual one with other meal services. They even include options for dessert, as well as feature special occasion food packs, like anniversary or holiday meals to share with visiting family.

There are several ways to select the meals you need on You can browse their A La Carte single dish menu good for either 2 to 4 servings; or their single serving Complete Meals menu that includes main entrée and side(s). A La Carte prices range from $9.99 to under $50 depending on serving size, while Complete Meals cost between $12 to $14 each.

You can then choose to place a single order of your chosen item or set up an Auto-ship Meal Program -- both requiring no commitments, subscription fees, or lock-in contracts whatsoever.

With the Meal Program simply select your favorite dishes (or let Magic Kitchen design a diet-specific plan for you), order your meals online, by phone or email; enroll in an auto-ship program (weekly, every two weeks, or monthly), or choose a one-time shipment. Enrolling in a Meal Program also saves you not only time, but money as well with additional discounts averaging about $11 to $12 per meal.

In general, a 1 Meal Per Day Plan includes 7 meals (choose a breakfast, lunch or dinner for each day) for $75-$85/week; 2 Meals Per Day Plan includes 14 meals (choose a breakfast, lunch and/or dinner for each day) for $150-$165/week; and 3 Meals Per Day Plan includes 21 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day) for $225-$250/week.

MagicKitchen also offers special meal plans for several government and private programs, including Local Areas of Aging and Senior Services, Insurance Company Hospital Discharge Meals, and Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) Meals. For more information about availing meal plans under these programs, just go to the Meal Program section of the site to email the MagicKitchen team.


MagicKitchen meals are flash frozen in individual, ready to heat containers and then packed in sturdy, lightweight and moisture resistant polystyrene foam (EPS) shipping containers with dry ice to keep them frozen until they reach your home, after which they should immediately be put in your freezer until serving time. MagicKitchen says, if properly handled, its food will last up to six months in the freezer. But the company recommends that it’s best if you eat it within 30 to 45 days after shipment.

Shipping is to all 50 US states from the MagicKitchen warehouse in Kansas City, Missouri and your shipping costs will be calculated based on the weight of the food plus your distance from the location.

Shipping of meals is via FedEx Ground, starting at around $18.95. Customers can also opt for expedited FedEx 2-Day and 1-Day Air deliveries for an extra charge. Packages usually arrive within three days, but you can choose the exact date your order will arrive. includes a delivery date calculator to help you determine when the package will arrive at your address.

Once you sign up for a meal program, you can cancel at any time with no fees. In addition, MagicKitchen has a 100% satisfaction guarantee so, if for any reason you are unhappy with a particular meal, you can contact their team and receive a credit or replacement. Returns or exchanges of any products that have already left the shipping facility, however, will not be accepted.

Finally, if you have a favorite senior you would like to introduce MagicKitchen to and let them choose their own meals at their own schedule, then a MagicKitchen Gift Certificate would make a perfect gift. Sales tax-free to you and the recipient, these online and printable Gift Certificates can include your own personal greeting for instant giving. To order a Gift Certificate, just go to the Meal Package/Gifts page of the website, click on “Gift Certificates”, fill out a form to order a certificate in values ranging from $10 to $2500, and choose a delivery method.

Is It Time to Buy?

As an on-demand prepared meal delivery service, MagicKitchen meals definitely make life easier for seniors whether they have mobility issues, difficulties with cooking, or dietary restrictions. But while MagicKitchen’s fully prepared meals cost a little bit more than other meal delivery companies, the price is well worth the amount of convenience and nutrition these meals provide to maintain the well-being and quality of life of seniors as well as the peace of mind of the family members who care for them.

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by Mel May 17, 2020
MagicKitchen is an American fully cooked frozen meal home delivery service that is specifically geared towards seniors with special diets. Available in plans from 7 to 21 meals a week, the food is much healthier and more attuned to your particular dietary needs than regular store-bought frozen meals. MagicKitchen Read More
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