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LinkedIn Learning - rate Since acquiring in 2015, LinkedIn has worked hard to create LinkedIn Learning, which aims to further the mission of helping professionals be better at what they do by providing thousands of courses that professionals can use to enrich themselves and potentially opening up more economic opportunities. Buy Now Similar Brands Bought Post a Review

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LinkedIn shot to fame when it became the go-to social networking site for professionals, allowing people to not only connect to other people from work; they can also build their own professional profiles that can be accessed by prospective headhunters or employers worldwide. Through the acquisition of, LinkedIn was able to launch LinkedIn Learning, an online learning platform that enables individuals and organizations to achieve their objectives and aspirations.

What to Buy

LinkedIn Learning has all the same great content as (more than 14,000 courses with more being added every week), but with special insights and social engagement that only LinkedIn can offer. From courses that teach programming and coding skills to essential training for excel, LinkedIn Learning has every course you’ll need to give yourself that leg up as you aim for that “next step” in your career.

Even if you fancy a career pivot, LinkedIn Learning can be a crucial and affordable educational tool that will give you the skill sets you’ll need to ensure success in your new field.

These courses come in two formats – you can watch bite-sized videos while you’re on the go or if you’ve got the free time, you can sit down for a much longer and in-depth session. Learning on LinkedIn Learning is very flexible since it all depends on your own schedule.

The best part is that every course you’ve completed, you can earn certificates which you can then add to your LinkedIn profile. This will definitely help bolster your profile, opening up a lot more opportunities for you, especially if the certificates are particularly relevant to the professionals in your field or industry.

If you own a business and are looking to develop your company’s rising talents, then LinkedIn Learning can be the solution for you as well. It’s not only cost-effective considering the value it can bring to your employees; your workers will definitely love working for you more for it. After all, it just shows that you prioritize their personal development and everyone appreciate that form of vote of confidence.

To sign up, you will need to choose between two subscription plans, whether you want the monthly plan or the annual plan. The benefits you’ll get are the same for both plans, which includes perks like having access to offline viewing and getting personalized course recommendation, in addition to having access to all 14,000+ expert-led courses, but obviously, you’ll get a really nice 20% discount if you opt for the annual plan.

Both plans come with a free 1-month trial but since your subscription will automatically kick in once the trial period ends, you’re required to put in your credit card information during sign up.


LinkedIn Learning comes with a free 1-month trial which should be a long enough period for you to decide whether or not you’ll want to go through with the subscription.

By subscribing to LinkedIn Learning, you’ll also essentially gain access to most of LinkedIn Premium’s features, which includes access to its “who’s viewed your profile”. Not to mention, unlike most users in LinkedIn, premium users will have a set amount of InMail credits which they can then use to contact other users in LinkedIn.

Want to apply as an instructor instead? You can help various people reach their professional and personal goals, giving them the tools they’ll need to make it, by sharing what you know. Plus, you can earn some extra income on the side too!

Is It Time to Buy?

Feeling as though you’re stuck professionally? Well, LinkedIn Learning is here to help by giving you all the courses you’ll need to grow and thrive. The courses are created and led by experts in each subject or field so you can be certain that you’re learning from the very people who are the best at what they do. Definitely a must-buy if you are looking to buff up your LinkedIn profile with some relevant certificates in addition to improving yourself professionally.

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by Aethyna Jul 1, 2019
Since acquiring in 2015, LinkedIn has worked hard to create LinkedIn Learning, which aims to further the mission of helping professionals be better at what they do by providing thousands of courses that professionals can use to enrich themselves and potentially opening up more economic opportunities. LinkedIn Learning Read More
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