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Knetbooks - rate Knetbooks is a website and book leasing company that specializes in renting out thousands of current college textbooks to students in an affordable and easy way. Based in Kentucky, USA, Knetbooks has become one of the United States’ leading sources for leasing affordable physical textbooks. Buy Now Similar Brands Bought Post a Review

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As you compute your college expenses, you definitely should take serious consideration of the cost of textbooks. Recent College Board research has found that students paid an average of $1,240 for books and supplies at four-year institutions and a whopping $1,460 at two-year institutions during the 2020-21 academic year. This represents roughly 5-8% of the yearly average cost of your college education—a hefty amount.

And while most people are aware that college textbooks can be extremely expensive, even less well-known is the fact that your textbooks can lose much of their value by the end of your college course itself, making books a serious college expense that can’t really be recouped by the “buy back” programs offered by most college campuses or even by selling your textbooks to a used book seller. This is precisely why more and more students are opting to rent their books instead of buying them.

What’s more, if you buy a textbook and then a new edition comes out a few months later with updated, highly relevant content, you’ll have wasted money on an outdated book. Renting textbooks eliminates this problem as you can simply rent the newer edition for the next term. Plus, because textbooks tend to be heavy, bulky and take up a lot of space — especially in a small dorm room—by just renting your books each year, you can simply return them at the end of the term without having to worry about where to store them.

Providing all of these convenient, cost-saving alternative solutions to college students is precisely why was founded in 2009, providing them a repository to rent thousands of current textbooks in an affordable and easy way. Since its founding, Knetbooks has become one of the United States’ leading sources for leasing affordable physical textbooks, saving 326,696 students a total of $33,782,140 to date.

What to Buy

To start experiencing the Knetbooks difference, visit and search for the book you’re interested in through the search box splashed right on the website’s home page. Here, you can look up books via Title, Author, or ISBN, and simply add them to your cart.

You can also click on the Rent Textbooks tab at the top of the page to search books by Popular Textbook Categories including Business Management (Accounting, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Finance, Marketing); Engineering (Robotics, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering, Construction); Physical Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Geography); Social Science (Psychology, Political Science, Criminology, Communications, Sociology); Medical (Nursing, Dentistry, Genetics, Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Terminology); and Mathematics (Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Probability).

Upon finding your specific title, you’ll be given your choice of Rental Options ranging from a Semester,, Quarter, or Short-term, each with its corresponding price (ranging from $10 to around $300).

Take note that Knetbooks generally considers a semester to be 93 days. If you see your class lasting more than that period of time, you will likely need to factor in the possibility of paying an extra fee to extend the book’s rental period.

Extension Periods for textbook rentals are available for 15, 30, 60, 90 and 130 days from your original due date (fees are based on the value of the book and the length of your extension) allowing extra time for students who need to rent the book early or return it later than normal.

Knetbooks’ Textbook Usage Policy allows some highlighting and minor note-taking in its books but discourages renters from excessive highlighting and writing extensive notes. The company reserves the right to charge you the full price of the book if you highlight more than one-third of the book, or if you write too much in the margins.

Moreover, if a book is damaged beyond repair (including damage to the book cover, ripped/missing pages, etc.), Knetbooks could charge you the full purchase price of the book, less any fees you’ve already been charged.

Unfortunately, if your textbook originally includes a CD or access code in order to unlock material online, these are called Supplemental Materials and are NOT included with rentals, since they are usually single-use; therefore, be sure to ask your professor about supplemental materials before opting to rent from Knetbooks or any other rental site. If you definitely need them, you may be able to buy them separately elsewhere or by some other means.

The site’s Return Policy, meanwhile, is a big reason why it is important to remember your chosen rental option as well as any potential extension periods because, according to the rental agreement, Knetbooks can charge you the full purchase price of the book (less any rental fees you’ve already paid) if they don’t receive the book on its due date (customers, however, have noted that Knetbooks charges 50% of the book price if the book comes within 15 days of its due date).

So, again, if you realize you won't be able to get your textbook back to Knetbooks by its due date, it's imperative that you apply for a rental extension and pay the applicable fees.

Finally, if you find a particular textbook to be significantly crucial to your studies or you consider it an important source of knowledge that goes beyond the semester or class, you may opt to Purchase the Book outright for its full price. Just give Knetbooks’ customer service team a call or email before the due date and they can complete the purchase for you.


All books from Knetbooks are shipped for free both ways (sending and returns) so the price you pay upfront is the price you get. When it’s time for you to return your textbook, simply print off the return label and ship it back to Knetbooks.

Note that free shipping only applies to standard shipping which takes 6-10 business days. If you'll need your book to arrive sooner, you can opt for Expedited shipping (1-5 business days; $5.00 per shipment + $2.00 per additional item); 2-day shipping ($13.00 per shipment + $3.99 per item); and Next-day shipping ($22.00 per shipment + $6.99 per item) if you want to get your order faster.

A nice customer service bonus offered by Knetbooks is that you will receive a text notification from the site when your order ships as well Text Message Updates when your rental due date is approaching. This service is particularly helpful for those who may have forgotten their textbook return due date, thus risking penalty fees.

All books from Knetbooks, in addition, come with a 25-day refund guarantee (except for short-term rentals which must be received within 15 days to qualify for the refund guarantee).

Want to save even more on your textbook rental? Visit Knetbooks’ Coupons page to get several discount offers (using a coupon code which you can apply at check out). Other great ways to receive textbook discounts include signing up for promotional emails, following Knetbooks on Twitter, as well as liking them on Facebook.

Finally, while Knetbooks focuses solely on rentals, it does have a Sell Textbooks link found at the bottom of the website. By clicking on it, you'll be directed to where you can sell other old, but still usable, textbooks that you may have in your possession.

Is It Time to Buy?

Because your college education is expensive, helping college students save money has been at the core of Knetbooks’ business since. With competitive textbook rental prices, free shipping both ways, and a generous guaranteed-free-return period; Knetbooks is a great way to cut back on your college expenses and save hundreds of dollars each semester. As long as you remember to return your rented books by their due dates, you won’t go wrong factoring Knetbooks into your budget when planning for college.

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Knetbooks is a website and book leasing company that specializes in renting out thousands of current college textbooks to students in an affordable and easy way. Based in Kentucky, USA, Knetbooks has become one of the United States’ leading sources for leasing affordable physical textbooks. Knetbooks Read More
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