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JNCO Jeans - rate Los Angeles-based clothing company JNCO (short for "Judge None Choose One" and pronounced as “jen-ko”), specializes in unisex denim jeans, particularly of the unconventional, ultra-wide, straight-legged type popular with the street and subculture niche. Buy Now Similar Brands Bought Post a Review

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Los Angeles-based clothing company JNCO (short for "Judge None Choose One" and pronounced as “jen-ko”), specializes in unisex denim jeans, particularly of the unconventional, ultra-wide, straight-legged type popular with the street and subculture niche.

What to Buy

What bell bottoms were to disco and the 1970s, wide-legged JNCO Jeans are to the raver culture of the 1990s. A fashion trend that permeated across a wide range of subcultures from skateboarding and techno to rap and graffiti—it is all thanks to JNCO.

In its heyday, JNCO produced a variety of jeans styles and lines, but its claim to fame was its cartoonish ultra-wide jeans with positively breezy inseams and leg openings of up to a whopping 50 inches—which made these jeans look more like floor sweeping skirts than your traditional Levi’s.

And to label them “cartoonish” wasn’t exactly an insult either, as their designs had roots in the vibrant Los Angeles graffiti scene (wherein the brand even created a TV cartoon), with features including enormous back pockets with graffiti-inspired artwork embroidery of flaming skulls and the "JNCO Crown", and names reflecting the style’s design element, such as FlameHead, Mammoths, Mad Scientists, Crime Scenes, Buddha, Tribals and Rhinos, and Kangaroos.

But with the dawning of Y2K and a convenient excuse for the fashion industry to introduce a wave of new trends to bring in the new millennium, the JNCO fad waned—hard. And after a disastrous licensing deal that significantly cheapened the company’s branding, JNCO announced the shutdown and closing of their company in early 2018.

Just a little over a year later, however, JNCO announced it was re-launching with the original founders re-purchasing licensing rights to the brand and introducing eight styles ranging in price from $130 to $250. Now considered a premium jeans brand, the 2019 version of JNCO returns to their staple pieces—jeans, shorts, hoodies, t-shirts—and marketing now to a unisex, somewhat gender-fluid Gen-Z audience. The styles are a throwback to the traditional wide-legged cuts (and even retain some of the same classic names), but with new updates like sustainable fabrics, glow-in-the-dark stripes, new washes, and freshly designed pocket patches to fit today’s mood.

JNCO apparel is mainly available online through their JNCO.com website and is easy to browse through given their still quite limited selections. Since their clothing is now designed to be unisex, there are no Men’s or Women’s sections; instead, you can shop by categories such as Jeans (with wide-leg styles ranging in bottom leg opening sizes of its totally normal 20” Low Down to their collector’s edition Convict 50 incher); Shorts (long shorts in cargo and skateboarder styles with patterns such as camouflage and vintage plaid); Tees (a limited selection of long sleeved tees with classic Big Rig and Wide Load design accents); Fleece (hoodies featuring accents such as glow-in-the-dark stripes); and Collector’s Edition (limited edition favorites that are meant to be displayed and worn—sometimes).

Each pant has its own unique label and “flasher” (an easily removed large graphic that comes attached to the garment’s back pocket). Labels are also woven on Swiss-made broad loom machines, a technique exclusive to JNCO. Embroideries, furthermore, are extremely dense and detail oriented, incorporating thousands of stitches of thread; while rivets are made of solid brass.


Since vintage JNCO jeans have been known to fetch up to $250 on eBay, and the lower-quality versions (from the days of its previous licensee) are still being passed off as the real-deal to the unwitting; in order to confirm the authenticity of JNCO products, they have added a number of security measures such a coded polymer (similarly used on the $100 bill) within the silver thread on each content label, as well as using heavier thread than industry standard and custom-made zipper pulls.

JNCO currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and PayPal as modes of payment and offers FREE SHIPPING on all products in the United States via USPS Priority Shipping.

Meanwhile, if you are not completely satisfied with your JNCO purchase, customers may return items within 21 days from when order ships as long as the returned item(s) is not worn, washed, or damaged and have the original tags on them. In order to exchange the item for a different size or receive store credit to purchase a new item, simply visit jnco.loopreturns.com and follow the prompts to receive your mailing label. Upon acceptance of the return, JNCO will process the refund automatically with the amount credited back to your original form of payment within 30 days.

Is It Time to Buy?

Whether you’re a fashionista hitching on to the 90s throwback fad, a skater who wants to pay homage to the peak of skating subculture, or simply a vintage denim collector; JNCO jeans are guaranteed to turn heads. If you want to make a statement or start a conversation, there’s no better brand like JNCO to bring it on.

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by Mel Jun 28, 2020
Los Angeles-based clothing company JNCO (short for "Judge None Choose One" and pronounced as “jen-ko”), specializes in unisex denim jeans, particularly of the unconventional, ultra-wide, straight-legged type popular with the street and subculture niche. JNCO Jeans Read More
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