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IXL - rate IXL is a multi-awarded paid personalized learning platform that can be used by teachers and homeschooling parents to supplement their students’/children’s Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Spanish school curriculum. Buy Now Similar Brands Bought Post a Review

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IXL is a multi-awarded paid personalized learning platform that can be used by teachers and homeschooling parents to supplement their students’/children’s Math, English, Science, Social Studies and Spanish school curriculum. With a comprehensive K-12 curriculum covering 8,500 skills, individualized guidance, accurate diagnostic tools, and real-time analytics; IXL meets the unique needs of each learner.

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Even long before the Covid-19 pandemic, teachers and parents were finding it challenging to support and/or supplement their students’ and children’s academic needs, abilities, and grade levels with the proper personalized instruction designed to adapt to each individual learner to help them grow intellectually and meet or even surpass required skill standards. With the pandemic restricting children more than ever to remote learning or schooling in their homes, it has never been more imperative for teachers and parents to find top-quality, proven tools to help sustain their kids’ learning progression.

IXL Learning, which was founded in 1998, is the first online platform that allowed teachers and learners to create and share customized study materials. Since then, it has been dedicated to developing innovative, immersive, and interactive educational technologies used in classrooms and homes globally to promote learning. Through their products such as IXL, ABCya, Vocabulary.com, and Education.com, IXL Learning impacts the lives of millions of educators and learners daily—from teachers providing personalized guidance to each student, to parents looking for high-quality educational games for their kids, to a high school student tackling a foreign language, and more.

IXL Learning’s core product is IXL, a groundbreaking platform and curriculum for grades K–12 which was originally designed in 2007 to accelerate Math education. Covering more than 3,700 distinct math topics appropriate to each Grade level, questions were algorithmically generated, meaning students will never see the same question twice no matter how long they practice. Following this success, IXL expanded in 2013 to include English language arts and unlimited, targeted practice of grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. In 2015, they introduced their Science and Social Studies modules to challenge students to think critically, evaluate primary sources, and engage their innate curiosity. And with the launch of Spanish in 2017, IXL reached new heights by offering an engaging way for Spanish language learners of all ages to develop fluency in vocabulary, grammar, and other foundational skills, and the confidence to express themselves in real-life interactions.

Today, IXL is used by more than 11 million students (who have answered a whopping 80 billion questions to date!) and more than 700,000 teachers in more than 190 countries around the world. In studies of 58,730 schools across 24 American states, IXL schools consistently outperformed non-IXL schools, ranking as much as 18 percentile points higher on state assessments.

Visit IXL.com to discover what the program’s thousands of courses can do for your child or student from Grades Pre-K to 12. From the landing page alone, you can find a brief syllabus of math, language, science, social studies and Spanish skillsets covered from Counting numbers 1 to 20 for Preschoolers to Pre-calculus studies for graduating high school students. By clicking on each Grade, you’ll find extensive links listing study samples of all 8,500+ courses which you can filter according to Grades, Topics, and Skill Plans (for teachers and homeschool tutors).

Upon subscribing to an IXL plan, you can determine your child’s skill level by first taking IXL’s Diagnostic Test. Comprising around 150 questions in both Math and English, the test does not take the child’s age into consideration whatsoever, but skill proficiency/level instead. This means that even if your child is officially in the 4th Grade but IXL’s diagnostic assessment places them a grade higher, then you may start introducing topics designed for that level. From there, you (as a teacher or parent) can easily add students, organize classes, and customize your IXL experience.

There are four main sections to help manage and monitor your IXL curriculum, mainly:

Learning. Select skill plans according to subject, grade, and topic; view your particular state’s standards; check out recommendations, use the search bar to find a specific skill, bookmark/highlight skill assignments, and more.

Diagnostic. Get a comprehensive portrait of your students' knowledge with IXL's Real-Time Diagnostic tests which pinpoint students' grade level proficiency in key math and language arts strands; use the diagnostic tool to customize a personalized action plan for each student; and get up-to-date diagnostic data anytime to facilitate instruction adjustments and spur meaningful progress immediately.

Analytics provide powerful insights that help you make better instructional decisions every day by pinpointing students' overall working grade levels and their levels on key strands. The Diagnostic Strand Analysis makes differentiation easy by grouping students with similar levels and showing you the most common skill recommendations for each group. Live Classroom real-time reports, on the other hand, allow you to maintain a pulse on class activity and keep students focused on the task at hand so that you can intervene before trouble spots arise. Finally, you can use analytics for individual coaching, in which IXL’s intuitive Progress and Improvement Report show at a glance the strides students have made and where they still have room to grow towards reaching milestones.

Inspiration, moreover, is chock full of Teacher/Parent resources that help you get the most out of the IXL platform, including a complete Teacher Toolkit (printable materials, textbook & exam alignments, IXL Blog); Implementation Guides (diagnostic tutorials, case studies, videos, and proven strategies from fellow “Elite 100” IXL teachers); and Professional Development (webinars, e-Learning library, interactive workshops, etc.).

As your child/student practices skills using IXL, SmartScore measures how well they understand the skill. By accurately reflecting each student’s growth, SmartScore motivates them to reach their learning goals. Unlike traditional percentage scoring, SmartScore factors in question difficulty, answer accuracy, and consistency to determine how well a student understands a skill. To make the goals more manageable especially for a student who has just been introduced to a particular skill plan, try setting a goal of 70 to 80 (proficiency) to start off, tailoring milestones as needed (with a SmartScore of 100 representing true mastery of the skill).

In addition, you can incentivize performance and provide extra motivation to IXL users through IXL Awards & Certificates which can be rewarded for a variety of achievements, including days practiced, total questions answered, number of hours spent on IXL, and more. Plus, printable certificates celebrate reaching individual and class milestones and can be used in the classroom to highlight student successes and promote self-esteem.

Finally, download the IXL App for Android and iOS devices so both teacher and student can continue practicing and monitoring skill plans anytime, anywhere.


There are three different IXL Plans to suit your particular needs: Families (for homeschooling and after-school student practicing); Classrooms (classroom license packages for 25 to 150 students starting at $299/year; includes a free trial); and Schools & Districts (bulk license packages for multiple schools and entire school districts).

For Families, plans include Single Subject (choose among Math, Language Arts or Spanish for $9.95/month or $79/year per child); Combo Package. (includes Math and Language Arts for $15.95/month or $129/year per child); and Core Subjects (includes Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social studies for $19.95/month $159/year per child).

Add additional children to your preferred package for just $4/month or $40/year per child. Add Spanish to your Combo or Core Subjects package for an extra $5/month or $40/year.

Is It Time to Buy?

Make sure your child or student’s educational track isn’t being stunted because of the challenges presented by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Whether you’re a parent who’s homeschooling or encouraging curriculum-based after-school activities for your child or a teacher supplementing your students’ classroom lesson plans with supplementary online modules, consider IXL to help you out. Trusted by over 700,000 teachers and millions of parents, IXL’s multi award-winning proven platform is one of the best online home education programs in use today to enhance essential math, language, science, and social studies skills. And for as low as just $9.95 a month, surely that’s a very affordable way to ensure your children are on the right track to educational—and life—success!

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by Mel Feb 11, 2021
IXL is a multi-awarded paid personalized learning platform that can be used by teachers and homeschooling parents to supplement their students’/children’s Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Spanish school curriculum. IXL Read More
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