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Freepik - rate One of the largest free graphic resource platforms in the world, Freepik is a European free and paid design-focused search engine helping users find high-quality photos, vector images, illustrations, and PSD files for personal or commercial creative projects. Buy Now Similar Brands Bought Post a Review

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One of the largest free graphic resource platforms in the world, Freepik is a European free and paid design-focused search engine helping users find high-quality photos, vector images, illustrations, and PSD files for personal or commercial creative projects. One of Europe’s fastest-growing startups according to the Financial Times, it has 50 million visits every month, 100 million monthly downloads, and 527 million views.

What to Buy

Founded in 2010 by brothers Alejandro and Pablo Blanes, along with their friend Joaquín Cuenca, Freepik is a large repository and marketplace for creative resources, including stock photos, vectors, icons, and PSD files specifically for the use of designers. Currently with over 4.5 million graphic resources,18 million monthly unique users, 50 million monthly views, and 100 million downloads every month, is packed with all the tools and assets you need to make your design process that much easier and your content more eye-catching.

In fact, Freepik assets have been so renowned for their unique, cutting-edge styles that high-powered clients such as, Microsoft, NASA, FedEx, and Spotify rely on the site for their design resources.

The things that make Freepik so popular with designers include their highly attractive “Freemium” business model which makes the platform accessible to amateur and professional designers alike; as well as their user-friendly search functions and voluminous library.

Simply go to and enter a keyword or search term in the Search Box to find what you need. Narrow down your search by selecting a Main Category from the drop-down menu next to the box according to Resources, Collections, as well as Sub-Categories like Free, Premium, Vectors (vectors for personal and commercial use downloadable in .AI and .EPS format); Photos (professionally shot stock photos for personal and commercial use downloadable in .JPG format); PSD (layered image files and mockups used in Adobe PhotoShop projects); and Icons (available via Freepik’s sister site Flaticon, which has the world’s largest database of free and premium vector icons in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats).

Upon getting your list of results, simply pop open the Filters Menu and further narrow down the selections to find just what you need by category, license, orientation, shape, color, and more.

Satisfied users of Freepik unanimously agree that the best thing about the site is how generous it is with the Free segment of its Freemium platform, offering thousands upon thousands of high-quality design elements, including tons of gorgeous, dynamic stock photos that many rave about as not having any of the blah, clichéd “stock” quality look to them. The only catch is that you have to attribute images to Freepik.

Nevertheless, after giving Freepik’s Free model a try, you may very well be persuaded to upgrade to their Premium tier which unlocks even more exclusive, royalty-and-ad-free downloadable assets for less than $10 per month.

Do note that to edit Freepik resources you will need specific graphics editor software such as Adobe Illustrator for vectors and Adobe Photoshop for photos and PSD files.

Meanwhile, if you are a graphic designer, illustrator, or photographer and you want to partner with Freepik, they offer great income-generating opportunities either as a Contributor (where designers can upload their content and earn money for every download) or Exclusive Designer (where designers can create exclusive Freepik content for a monthly income).

Whatever option you choose, you have the opportunity of joining 9,000+ top designers and photographers around the world who currently take advantage of Freepik to monetize their talents.

As a Contributor or Exclusive Designer you can upload and monetize your content for a stable income; get maximum visibility and exposure care of Freepik’s 50 million monthly visits and 18 million users; have full access to Freepik’s contributor panel so you can easily upload your work, follow the reviewing process, and track your earnings - all in one place; improve your professional skills and grow within the company; participate in special programs, worldwide events, and boost your professional profile; and enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere in the world, taking your time and working when you're most productive - what works for you, works for them!


The Freemium platform of Freepik allows for three user tiers namely:

Non-registered Users who are users not registered at and are allowed a limit of 3 downloads per day from Freepik’s FREE gallery of resources and collections.

Registered Free Users are those who register a free account with Freepik and are allowed a limit of 10 downloads per day from their FREE gallery of resources and collections.

If you want to extend your download limits you will need to purchase a Freepik Premium subscription either for 1 Month at €9.99 EUR/month; or Annually (12 months) at €89.99 EUR (or the equivalent of €7.50 EUR/month).

Premium members not only receive thousands of free resources, but more importantly, have full access to continuous Exclusive Content including 2,936,000+ Premium vectors, 5,763,000+ Premium stock photos, 201,000+ Premium PSD files all with no attribution required, no ads, and priority support.

They also have a limit of 100 downloads per day (as opposed to unlimited access to avoid an irresponsible use of their images and assets) as well as Full License to use any illustration either for commercial or personal use without crediting the author.

At the time of this article’s printing, Freepik is offering 20% off all Freepik plans with the promotional code ADB20OFF.

In addition, Freepik has a generous 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so, if you are not completely satisfied with their services, they offer a 30-day full refund from the purchase date of your subscription provided you haven’t used the premium service, that is, you haven't downloaded any paid resources (you can only request the refund of the current billing period. Please note that previous payments can't be refunded).

Is It Time to Buy?

One of the best and most extensive “Freemium” graphic design platforms in the industry, Freepik has plenty of FREE creative assets that will more than satisfy the needs of those with minimal or one-off design projects. Clients with multiple projects, however, will definitely appreciate having access to Freepik’s vast premium library of exclusive, high-quality vectors, stock photos, PDFs, and more—all for the very affordable price of just less than $10 a month.

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One of the largest free graphic resource platforms in the world, Freepik is a European free and paid design-focused search engine helping users find high-quality photos, vector images, illustrations, and PSD files for personal or commercial creative projects. Freepik Read More
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