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Fiverr - rate A great tool to turn your talent into cash without having to look for customers yourself, Fiverr is a great market place to buy or sell services of all sorts. Buy Now Similar Brands Bought Post a Review

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A great tool to turn your talent into cash without having to look for customers yourself, Fiverr is a great market place to buy or sell services of all sorts.


Fiverr is a tool that enables the user to cash their talents. You can post your services online on Fiverr by filling out the requirements. The tool also allows you to look for any services you want from multiple categories. These categories include graphics and designs, online marketing, writing and translation, video and animation, music and audio, programming and tech, advertising, business, lifestyle, gifts, fun and bizarre and much more.

Once you find a suitable service posted by some user, you can simply order the service for the amount the user has asked for. You can also contact the buyer through inbox and discuss the project and the pricing over there.

Fiverr offers the chance to sell your services as well. For this purpose, you will have to create a gig and fill out the information about your service with a price tag with it. You can also offer some extras with your service which can increase your sales.

As a seller, you can also search for suitable projects to work on in the Buyer requests tab. This tab has all the offers from various buyers and you can bid on the offers through your gig. Once you order a gig or work on someone’s project, Fiverr gives a 3 day deadline after the project submission. After these 3 days your project is marked as complete and the payment is received. This is to make sure that the buyer has no doubts before paying the seller.

User Experience

Fiverr is quite simple and easy to use. The dashboard option allows you to manage your revenues quite efficiently. You can view your sales, pending revenues and cleared revenues. Fiverr also features a notification tab that notifies you about every sale, order or review you get. Moreover, the tool allows you to manage buyer or seller requests quite easily through a single tab. The interface is amazing and is really easy to use by anyone.


On Fiverr, you can post your service for as low as 5$, hence the name "Fiverr". Fiverr charges 20% of every sale you make and charges a 1$ fee for every withdrawal. Withdrawal options include a wire transfer, fiverr revenue card or via a PayPal account.

You also need to make an account on fiverr before you get started. Moreover, fiverr does not allow you to withdraw money unless you have a minimum of 20$ available in your funds.


Fiverr is a great site for buying or selling various services online. The tool features a variety of talented individuals looking to cash their talents and it is a great platform for buyers to look for the best among them.
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