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FaceTory - rate FaceTory is a Korean Beauty-inspired skincare company based in Fullerton, California that specializes in sheet masks, serums, and other skincare products formulated in South Korea. The company also offers a monthly and quarterly subscription box. Buy Now Similar Brands Bought Post a Review

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Sheet masks--the tissue-thin, face-shaped fabric sheets drenched in liquids, intended to moisturize, plump, brighten, or otherwise improve the look of your skin--are probably the most popular and well-known products in K-beauty.

As the most important purpose of Korean skincare is to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized, sheet masks play a crucial role. And they’re frequently sold in single-use packets, which makes the stakes of buying one feel pretty low. Most Koreans use the sheet masks 2-3 times a week.

Premium quality sheet masks from Korea that are soaked in powerful skin-rejuvenating ingredients are not widely available in the United States, however, and that’s why two enterprising Korean-Americans, Sang Lee and Chan Park founded FaceTory in 2016 just as the sheet mask craze was hitting Instagram Stories and masking the faces of celebrities and regular people alike.

Lee comments, "There are more than 10,000 varieties of sheet masks available in Korea, but less than 10% are readily available in the US. We are on a mission to introduce these high quality and hidden sheet mask gems at an affordable price by carefully curating and directly sourcing them from the manufacturer."

Today, FaceTory is available via their website FaceTory.com, Target and Whole Foods Market. FaceTory has also been featured in Allure, Buzzfeed, Refinery29, Cosmopolitan, Nylon, Yahoo Style, Hello Giggles, Byrdie, and many other blogs and publications. It also recently launched a subscription box exclusively for Korean sheet masks.

What to Buy

Visit FaceTory.com to check out their inventory of around 200 products ranging from Masks, Face Oils, Serums, Face Cleansers, Toners, Eye Creams, Sets, and more. But you can’t go wrong starting your FaceTory experience with their Best Sellers and signature products such as:

FaceTory Sheet Mask Collections. A collection of FaceTory sheet masks, ranging from 19 to 25 packs to hydrate and improve the skin! Each sheet mask focuses on a key ingredient to add radiance and support the skin. It's a great way to sample all the sheet masks FaceTory has to offer! Features include:

Applicable for All Skin Types. Each mask focuses on a different skin concern to help boost radiance and support the skin. Masks are gentle enough to be used everyday, for hydrated and glowy skin.

Concentrated Essence with quality ingredients like Aloe Vera, Niacinamide, and Shea Butter to hydrate, cool, soothe, purify, and improve dullness of the skin.

Targeted Benefits. Each individual mask has its own specific benefit like improving skin HYDRATION, CALMING acne and redness flare-ups, MOISTURIZING dry skin, SOOTHING irritations, and leaving your skin feeling SMOOTH and SOFT!

Cruelty-free, Tested & Loved. FaceTory products are not tested on animals and their team makes sure everyone loves the formula before they share it with our customers. All products are formulated with quality ingredients and do not contain any harsh ingredients.

FaceTory Skincare Mini Fridge. It is recommended by beauty experts to keep your sheet masks and serums in the fridge. Not only does the chilled product feel very refreshing to the skin, but it also increases blood circulation, which promotes absorption and gives a soothing effect.
FaceTory’s cute, fully functional skincare mini fridge is sized at 10 Liters to fit all your favorite beauty and skincare products on your vanity. With a temperature range of 41-48°F to 32°F, you can use it to place serums, facial mists, gel moisturizers, jade rollers, and all your other faves for the best spa-like experience for a perfect self-care day. It even features a convenient handle on top so you can take it along with you on your travels.

Spot Fighter Blemish Patches - for Acne and Pimples - Duo (AM + PM). Say goodbye to acne with these pimple patches that extract pus from whiteheads and promote clearer skin. AM Spot Fighters are thin enough to be untraceable while PM Spot Fighters are thicker and are more heavy duty.

Calming Glow Weightless Facial Oil with Oats and Squalane is a calming facial oil that combines Oats, Rice Water, and Squalane to create an essence-like texture that hydrates and calms the skin. Provide your skin with a soft and radiant glow that feels comfortable and super nourishing!

With over 200 exciting products to choose from, obviously you won’t be able to try all of them out in one go. If you want to sample a new FaceTory item every month or quarter, consider a FaceTory Subscription. Subscriptions are available in 2 ways – “Subscription Packages” and “Subscribe and Save”.

Subscription Packages include FaceTory Lux PLUS which contains 10-12 products per box and costs $49.95 per quarter (every 3 months); and 7 Lux which contains 7 sheet masks and 1 deluxe-sized or full-sized skincare product per box at a cost of $19.90 per month. Any updates on box contents can be found on FaceTory.com’s Subscriptions main page.

Meanwhile, FaceTory also offers a Subscribe and Save option for most of their products. Ideal for when you want a regular supply of your favorite sheet masks without worrying about them running out, when you select the Subscribe and Save option at checkout, you will get 20% off and receive your order automatically based on your preferred delivery schedule (monthly, every two months, or quarterly). With Subscribe & Save, you get your fave products on time, all the time at great savings to boot!


When ordering on FaceTory.com they accept all major credit cards, Paypal, Shop Pay, and Afterpay. U.S. shipping for orders of $35+ is FREE and $5.99 for orders under $35 (non-subscription). Shipping is also FREE within the U.S. on any of their subscription boxes (7 Lux, Lux PLUS). As for orders from abroad, international shipping prices vary by country and start at $6/lb. Shipping is calculated at checkout.

If you are a regular customer of FaceTory products, you’ll want to join their free FaceTory Rewards program and climb up their tier system for extra perks and rewards! Tiers include: BLUE – new member; PINK - $50 spend in one calendar year; GOLD - $100 spend in one calendar year; and VIP - $200 spend in one calendar year.

Benefits of a FaceTory Rewards membership include: Points earned per $1 spent. Earn points (Blue = 2 Points, Pink = 4 Points, Gold = 6 Points, VIP = 8 Points) for amazing discounts and limited-time rewards; Early Access to FaceTory Launches. Exclusive access to the newest products and promotions before anyone else; Birthday Gift. Redeem a special FaceTory gift on your birthday; Exclusive Deals. Specials only for Gold members and up; and FaceTory VIP Exclusive Gift. An exclusive gift to all VIP members given at the end of the year.

There are several ways to earn FaceTory Rewards points, such as: Creating an account = 25 pts; Shopping with FaceTory = points vary by tier; Liking and Sharing on Facebook = 25 pts each; Following on Instagram = 25 pts; Celebrating your Birthday = 100 pts; Leaving a review = 100 pts; Adding a photo = 25 pts; and Adding a video = 25 pts.

You can use your rewards points for purchases on shop orders, your next recurring subscription plan, or even free products! Redeem 200 Points to get $2 off products or subscription; 500 Points to get $5 off products or subscription; and 1000 Points to get $10 off products or subscription. You can also use your points to get selected FaceTory goodies.

In addition, Invite a Friend to Give $15 and get $15 back! After signing into your FaceTory account, click on the launcher on the bottom left of the page then scroll down and click on ‘Referrals’. Copy your unique URL and send it to your friends and family. After adding their email address to the launcher (which should pop up), your friends will then get $15 off their first order on purchases of $30 or more (before tax).

Finally, get 15% off your next order simply by signing up your email and mobile phone number to receive FaceTory news, product launches, promotions, events, and texts and you’ll receive an exclusive offer code.

Is It Time to Buy?

With FaceTory, you won’t have to search high and low for the best in Korean skincare wherever you are in the United States. With products on Target and Whole Foods shelves, as well as convenient subscription options offered on FaceTory.com, you’ll never have to worry about skipping a step or day in your complete Korean skincare regime.

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by Mel Apr 4, 2023
FaceTory is a Korean Beauty-inspired skincare company based in Fullerton, California that specializes in sheet masks, serums, and other skincare products formulated in South Korea. The company also offers a monthly and quarterly subscription box. FaceTory Read More
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