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ExpertRating - rate A pioneer in virtual skills assessment since 2001, ExpertRating is an ISO 9001:2015 certified online training, education and assessment company offering hundreds of popular modules for employee training and testing, as well as certifications, skills testing, credential verification, and online courses for individuals.
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A pioneer in virtual skills assessment since 2001, ExpertRating is an ISO 9001:2015 certified online training, education and assessment company offering hundreds of popular modules for employee training and testing, as well as certifications, skills testing, credential verification, and online courses for individuals.

What to Buy

One of the only companies to be certified under ISO 9001:2015 standards for test development and delivery, ExpertRating has been offering employers and companies around the world the most advanced yet affordable employee testing solutions to quickly and efficiently assess skills and qualifications.

Since 2001, ExpertRating pre-employment testing services have been used by some of the biggest names in business, including Walmart, UPS,, Convergys, Ericsson, and IKEA. To date, with over 25 million people tested in 60+ countries, 6,500 companies served, 800+ skill tests, and an 86% reorder rate; ExpertRating has the world’s largest test inventory covering over a thousand different fields.

Their products cover a variety of human resource requirements—from multi-competency assessments to measure aptitude, technical & personality skills and simulation-based assessments for more accurate skill measurement; to automatic invigilation for remote testing situations and real-time analytics plus in-depth reports on candidate performance generated in real time. With ExpertRating offering all the assessment tools you can possibly imagine, employers are not only able to save valuable time during the employee selection process, but resources as well, as companies ensure they’re making the right long-term investment in the most qualified applicants. is divided into three main products: Corporate Employee Testing, Certifications, and Online Courses & Testing.

As mentioned above, when it comes to Corporate Employee Testing, you can’t go wrong choosing ExpertRating as it is currently one of the few employee testing companies in the world to have been certified under ISO 9001-2015 for its skills testing and training systems.

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that mis-hiring a $100,000 per year manager costs the employer about $300,000. Pre-employment screening measures to quickly and efficiently identify the right talent for the right positions such as the use of ExpertRating Employment Testing Solutions have been proven time and again to be the most effective way of reducing uncertainties in hiring. That is why ExpertRating grows at an average of 100% annually with a client repeat order rate of 86%.

With over 800 affordable tests from varied disciplines, ExpertRating offers skills assessment in almost every major field and allows you to save money on bulk employment testing. Companies can get real-time reports of employee test scores through email and within your employer account; simultaneously test numerous candidates (from multiple locations) to save time and company resources; and customize employment tests with respect to topics, questions and time durations.

The ExpertRating integrated testing system also allows companies to seamlessly integrate their testing system into their websites. This solution is ideal for employers, recruiters, ATS and HR software developers, educational institutions and websites that can benefit from skill assessment and has worked with leading job boards and job sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, Naukri,, Flexjobs, TechFetch and many more.

ExpertRating, furthermore, owns and operates the popular CodeAssess platform for testing programming skills.

Also, recently, ExpertRating announced it was to launch their Video Interview service for integrated clients. The new Video Interview module lets clients assess candidates' soft skills, proficiency, and knowledge remotely through automated interviews that are either pre-recorded or live. The video interview service will help clients save time and effort while interviewing candidates that are at remote distances.

When it comes to Online Certification & Skill Testing, ExpertRating offers an the most comprehensive, affordable, and efficient way for people to prove their expertise in over 300 widely accepted online certifications developed under ISO 9001-2015 standards and which are accepted/recognized by hundreds of employers and organizations worldwide.

With certifications available in over 40 categories, such as Java Technologies, Electronics, Translation Skills, Cloud Technologies, English Language, and Databases; ExpertRating certifications are an excellent way of demonstrating your knowledge and skills to prospective employers and greatly boost your chances of moving ahead in your career. Currently, ExpertRating’s most popular certified qualifications include, Certified Personal Trainer, Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, and Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.

ExpertRating offers hundreds of in-depth self-study and instructor-led Courses & Trainings, tutorials and eBooks to individuals and employers at affordable rates. Also developed under ISO 9001-2015 procedures, ExpertRating’s online learning resources are available for a wide range of skillsets in over 40 categories (similar to the certification programs), such as Yoga, ESL, First Aid, Makeup Artist, Sports Nutrition, Online Public Speaking, Kaizen, Physical Therapy Aide, dozens of software applications, and so much more. Online learning courses range in price from $50 to $300 with time to complete these courses ranging from 2 hours to 6 months (depending on the qualification), with a median completion time of 2 weeks.

After you pass any of the ExpertRating tests, you receive the rights to use the ExpertRating Certified Professional Logo on your resume, business cards, stationery, and website. Available to all paid and free test takers, the logo is widely recognized and can greatly enhance your personal profile. You can find the logos for the tests you have passed within your member area.

Your ExpertRating Online Transcript, meanwhile, is an online marksheet that you can quickly and conveniently show to employers, clients and friends. The hard copy certificate that you receive bears your transcript ID, which can be used to access your online transcript. The online transcript is only available to people who take paid tests or who buy a paper certificate after taking a free test.

The ExpertRating Hard Copy Certificate, in addition, is awarded to all successful test takers who appear for a paid test or who buy a paper certificate after taking a free test. The certificate is of the highest quality and is suitable for mounting. ExpertRating certified professionals the world over have used the certificate to their advantage by presenting it to prospective employers and recruiters as proof of their skills.


For pre-employment tests, just sign up and avail of their FREE Trial and Free Demo. The base price for a test session is $10. Volume discounts are available, as much as 60% off or $4 per test (501 to 1000 tests). For more than 1000 tests, simply contact them to arrange for a monthly billing scheme or high-volume pricing.

As for Certifications and Courses pricing, they vary according to category, with most Instructor-led courses and tests costing $129.00 and self-study modules priced between $29.99 and $99.99. Their popular Six Sigma Certifications, meanwhile, cost $199.99 each. ExpertRating tests can be purchased online on using any major credit card, PayPal, wire payments (for purchases of above $200), and check payments (for payments of at least $49.99).

You can re-appear for any test by paying a Test Retake fee within the allowable retake period. The retake price is made available to you in your member login area alongside the tests you have already taken.

Furthermore, ExpertRating offers a list of FREE Tests for you to check out. Just head over to and click on any test to view further details such as syllabus, duration and other information as well as to register. Currently, these tests are free to take: ExpertRating Aptitude Test, Life Coach Aptitude Test, Free Geography Tests and Geography Quizzes, Green Living Certification, and Fitness Training Aptitude Test with more and more tests being added all the time.

Finally, to receive a Hard Copy Certificate, the cost of the certificate and surface mailing charges are NOT included in the paid test fee and can only be obtained upon completion of the course/test by paying the required fee. In cases of free tests, the certificate is not included within the free value and will be charged accordingly.

Is It Time to Buy?

With 800+ ISO 9001:2008 certified tests and courses on offer and over 25 million satisfied customers since 2011, whether you’re an employer looking to assess applicants for pre-employment, an individual seeking skills certification accepted by thousands of top companies around the world, or simply someone looking to learn a new skill; you cam count on ExpertRating to be the best, most affordable, and most comprehensive resource for all your assessment and training needs.

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A pioneer in virtual skills assessment since 2001, ExpertRating is an ISO 9001:2015 certified online training, education and assessment company offering hundreds of popular modules for employee training and testing, as well as certifications, skills testing, credential verification, and online courses for individuals.
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