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Disney Wonderful World of Reading - rate Early Moments' Disney Wonderful World of Reading book club turns your child onto reading with the Disney characters they love through their monthly book subscription service. Coming in beautiful hardcover editions and illustrated by Disney artists, your children can enjoy timeless Disney stories such as Frozen, The Lion King, and more. Buy Now Similar Brands Bought Post a Review

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Many renowned childhood development experts, educators, and scientists believe that exposure to books and reading right from birth leads to a lifelong appreciation of reading—a key factor in language development and all future learning. That said, many parents are beginning to believe that it is never too early to start introducing the concept of books and auditory reading to their children.

Early Moments may not be universally familiar to parents, but it has a long and stellar legacy in the children’s publishing world, having published children’s books through their book club for over 45 years. Founded in 1965 by a young Norwegian journalist who was looking for guidance in caring for his newborn, he brought together child development experts and published a guide entitled Spesbarnsboken, which he gave to new mothers through hospitals. Now in its 42nd edition, The Baby Book has been continuously published throughout Europe, all the while emphasizing why reading is one of the most important things you can do with your child.

Today, Early Moments’ books and services provided through their various book clubs are ideal for helping your child enjoy a lifetime of reading and learning by specifically designing them to help boost early childhood literacy by encouraging parents and children to share their favorite stories as a part of their everyday routine. The early literacy experts at Early Moments have carefully crafted programs that succeed in supporting early literacy by offering a wealth of resources that make reading fun, affordable, and convenient for families.

Deeply committed to providing you and your children with the highest-quality, most enjoyable reading experiences possible by making sure they have relevant and engaging books for a lifetime of learning and enjoyment; Early Moments promotes early literacy by proudly supporting some of America’s most prestigious brands, including Disney, Dr. Seuss, National Geographic, Baby Einstein, and more.

To find out how Early Moments works, simply visit any one of Early Moments’ Book Clubs, such as their popular Disney Wonderful World of Reading series and Sign Up for a risk-free subscription. Then, Build your “Welcome Package” made up of your first books.

After you Receive Your Books and decide to keep your Welcome Package, you will become an Early Moments Member and begin to enjoy all the benefits of membership. Your kids can look forward to a new, exciting book package containing 2 to 3 new books every 3 weeks (along with a letter that lists the books in the package) and a seasonal package 4 times a year (or whatever frequency you choose). More importantly, membership will support you and your child in a reading ritual that will become a cherished routine and provide a meaningful head start in your child’s language and literacy development.

What to Buy

When it comes to animated stories, the brand that has produced the most popular, beloved, memorable, and enduring titles is the Walt Disney Company. And with Early Moments, you can turn your child onto reading with the Disney characters they love the most through their Disney Wonderful World of Reading series.

Now, you can share your favorite Disney stories tackling valuable lessons about family, friendship, and overcoming challenges with your own children ages 2 to 6. The books come in in beautiful hardcover editions, illustrated by the Disney artists themselves. Encourage them to read with timeless Disney stories, from new titles like Coco, Frozen, and Moana, to classics like The Little Mermaid, Winnie the Pooh, The Lion King, and Cinderella.

After subscribing to your initial Welcome Package of 4 Disney books, you’ll go on to receive 3 high-quality, hardcover titles each month which you or your child can choose and customize to your preferences, or let Early Moments’ experts select books for you. You can manage your subscription online via your “My Page” section of your registered account.


The Disney Wonderful World of Reading Welcome Package consists of 4 books for $.99 each with Free Shipping (or $3.96 total). Plus, receive a FREE Disney Magic Moments Activity Book with your first shipment. There are NO minimum purchase commitments, NO contracts, and you can cancel anytime!

Furthermore, if you want to add more bonus books to your initial order, you can order them for just 50% off regular price!

Meanwhile, with the popularity of tablets being given to children nowadays to supplement their activities, and learning, E-books are a convenient way to build a great virtual library and are perfect for on-the-go reading. That’s why every Disney book you receive from Early Moments includes a companion Ebook that can be read on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Just download the Early Moments App (free for iPad on iTunes) and follow the claim instructions in your welcome email upon purchasing a Disney book club subscription/membership.

As for their Returns/Exchange policy, Early Moments understands that every book they send might not be absolutely perfect for you, so, if you are not satisfied with any package, just return it to them within 30 days of when it was shipped. In addition, in case you receive a book that’s not in perfect condition, just call their toll-free Customer Care number and they’ll send you a postage-paid label to return the damaged book and rush out a replacement at no charge as soon as we receive the damaged book.

Finally, a book club membership from Early Moments can be the perfect gift for a baby shower or a friend or family member with a child of up to 8 years old. Help start a child’s first library by giving them a much cherished Gift Membership made up of a collection of beautifully-crafted hardcover books that can become wonderful heirlooms worthy of being passed down or shared.

To set up a gift membership, just call or email Early Moments Customer Care with the details of how you want the gift membership to be set up. They can tailor your gift to any dollar amount or length of time you wish, or it can simply continue on a month-to-month basis until you decide to cancel. When the membership begins, a gift card will accompany the Welcome Package, and each month’s letter will remind your loved one that this priceless gift of reading was sent by you.

Is It Time to Buy?

With an over 45-year legacy in promoting childhood literacy and educational development, the Early Moments book club has been a reliable—and super affordable—source of premium-quality books by world-famous authors and illustrators to keep children genuinely excited about reading and inspiring creativity. With the company’s popular Disney Wonderful World of Reading series, in particular, now, your children can get to enjoy their favorite animated stories in hardcover and e-book form so that they can come back to them anytime, anywhere, over and over again to their heart’s content.

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by Mel Jan 13, 2022
Early Moments' Disney Wonderful World of Reading book club turns your child onto reading with the Disney characters they love through their monthly book subscription service. Coming in beautiful hardcover editions and illustrated by Disney artists, your children can enjoy timeless Disney stories such as Frozen, The Lion King, and more. Disney Wonderful World of Reading Read More
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