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Dashlane - rate Dashlane is a cross-platform freemium (free and premium) subscription password manager featuring strong password generation, auto-fill, multi-factor authentication, digital wallet, security protocols, and VPN; and is one of the more popular apps of its kind due to its advanced proprietary features. Buy Now Similar Brands Bought Post a Review

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Dashlane is a cross-platform freemium (free and premium) subscription password manager featuring strong password generation, auto-fill, multi-factor authentication, digital wallet, security protocols, and VPN; and is one of the more popular apps of its kind due to its advanced proprietary features.

What to Buy

Password protection is essential to secure access to your online email, e-commerce, and social media accounts. But with our lives increasingly intertwined with that of the web, and dozens—or even hundreds—of sites that we rely on to keep our lives running smoothly; there are just as many passwords of which we need to keep track. Frankly, it requires an eidetic memory to remember all of them.

Barring manually inputting one universal password all the time for all of your sites and applications (which is not only risky, but now virtually impossible as sites require you to change your password periodically to prevent security threats), a quality password manager service makes it easy to store and secure all of your passwords in one convenient place. And Dashlane is consistently rated as one of the most secure and reliable managers in the industry today.

On top of that, it scores extra points for having the capability to protect your online identity using a built-in virtual private network (VPN), security alert protocols, password strength analysis, and the ability to create new, strong passwords.

Dashlane operates on a Freemium model, meaning it features both a free and premium paid option. Their Free option is a great way to give Dashlane’s rudimentary features a whirl. Simply go to Dashlane.com and download their installer onto your desktop. Alternatively, download their Dashlane App for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Note that your free account will only work on ONE device. If you want to use Dashlane across all your devices, you must upgrade to their Premium version.

Once the basic installation process is done (including adding the app as an extension to your browser), you will need to provide personal information such as your name, date of birth, and phone number. Dashlane uses this data to fill out the various online sign-up forms on the sites you wish to create accounts.

Afterwards, you can begin managing your passwords, digital wallets, IDs, and receipts on your personal Dashlane dashboard. Free Dashlane includes features such as Master Password Setup (locks and retrieves all your passwords behind a single master password); Password Storage for up to 50 Accounts, Form and Payment Autofill, Password Generator and Changer; Password Sharing (for up to 5 accounts); Security Alerts (informs you about any breaches that may affect your accounts and alerts you instantly if one is compromised); Two-factor Authentication (standard 2FA); Secure Notes (create notes and file attachments up to 1GB to encrypt and secure information (such as software licenses, Wi-Fi passwords, financial documents, etc); Password Health; and Emergency Contacts (gives nominated family members access to your password database—or access to specific logins and notes—within 48 hours upon request).

Meanwhile, Dashlane Premium for $3.33 per month (billed annually) combines Unlimited Cloud Password Storage synced across all your devices with Dark Web Monitoring (scans the web for any leaked or stolen personal data and alerts you when necessary, so you can take immediate action to protect your accounts); Secure File Storage (encrypt and store files and document scans like passports or contracts in Dashlane to access them anywhere); Unlimited Secure Password Sharing ; Two-factor Authentication (upgraded U2F with YubiKey support); and a built-in VPN (encrypts your online activity on unsecure public WiFi networks to always keep your personal information safe and private everywhere you go).

Dashlane Premium Plus is available in the US only for $9.99 per month with all the features of Premium, plus Identity Protection (up to $1 million in Identity Theft Insurance by TransUnion, identity restoration assistance, and personalized, U.S.-based support) and Credit Monitoring (real-time, up-to-date-monitoring of your financial and banking data).

Finally, Dashlane Business priced at $4.00 per user/month (billed annually) allows subscribers to receive all Premium tier features (except for VPN which costs $48 per user per year). This professional version offers Smart Spaces that securely stores and divides work and personal passwords; Admin Console with customizable user policy control that lets you invite members, manage permissions, as well as monitor security issues; Two-factor Authentication with your choice of U2F YubiKeys, mobile authenticators, and other U2F security keys; and a dedicated Dashlane Customer Success Manager (for 50+ users).


If you’re subscribing to Dashlane’s Premium, Premium Plus, or Business accounts, you can pay your annual fees via all major credit cards and PayPal. your subscription will renew automatically at the end of your current subscription period.

Note that if you subscribed to an automatically renewed plan on the iOS App Store, you must manage your subscription within your Apple account. If you upgraded your subscription on the Google Play Store, your Premium subscription will not renew automatically. To maintain your subscription status, you will have to purchase a new subscription at the end of your current plan.

What’s more, you can get a discount on your Dashlane subscription if you purchase a Premium subscription from one of their accredited partners and affiliates who will provide you an exclusive promotional code for use during checkout. Redeem the code by simply going to their Premium subscription page, and if you’re already a current Free Dashlane user, simply enter the email address you used to make your account, input your payment details as well as the promo code, click “Submit” followed by “Buy Now”.

If for any reason you are unhappy with your Dashlane Premium experience, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee where they will refund your Premium subscription within 30 days of the purchase date either issued directly from Dashlane, or through the third-party service used to purchase Dashlane.

Finally, all Dashlane users can invite their friends to join Dashlane to receive very generous commissions. If the invitation is successful, both Dashlane users – the one sending the invitation and the referred user – will receive a Referral Reward worth a 6-month Dashlane Premium subscription. You can earn up to 2 YEARS of free Premium at a time and there is NO LIMIT to how many friends you can give 6 months to for free.

Is It Time to Buy?

As millions of satisfied users can attest to, Dashlane is one of the best password managers out there with its hassle-free and intuitive automatic changing and log-in functions. Furthermore, their enhanced security monitoring and much appreciated VPN feature for added Wi-Fi security are more than enough to put Dashlane above and beyond other password apps.

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by Mel Oct 3, 2019
Dashlane is a cross-platform freemium (free and premium) subscription password manager featuring strong password generation, auto-fill, multi-factor authentication, digital wallet, security protocols, and VPN; and is one of the more popular apps of its kind due to its advanced proprietary features. Dashlane Read More
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