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Birchbox - rate Birchbox is an online monthly subscription box service specializing in cosmetics and other beauty related items. Each box contains 5 to 6 sample-sized skincare, hair care, makeup, and fragrance products from both established and emerging brands. Their online shop also offers subscribers the option to purchase full-sized versions. Buy Now Similar Brands Bought Post a Review

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Birchbox is an online monthly subscription box service specializing in cosmetics and other beauty related items. Each box contains 5 to 6 sample-sized skincare, hair care, makeup, and fragrance products from both established and emerging brands. Their online shop also offers subscribers the option to purchase full-sized versions of their favorite samples from the box.

What to Buy

Let’s be honest here, who hasn’t traipsed around a Costco or any department store makeup counter just for the seemingly infinite variety of free samples? That’s because everyone agrees that offering samples is an especially effective low-cost marketing strategy for brands to introduce potential customers to new products and, at the same time, for consumers to try them out with absolutely no obligations to spend full price for their regular-sized versions. It’s a tried-and-true win-win situation for both parties and the reason why samples still remain popular to this day.

When it comes to cosmetics and other beauty products, however, sampling—while free—does come with some caveats, first and foremost how you are most likely sharing the various makeup, lotion, and cream samples with dozens, if not hundreds, of other customers before you, which presents all sorts of health and hygiene risks. And while new, unopened mini-sized versions of beauty items are available as samples, chances are, you have to pay for them, and even then, they may only be offered for some select brands and are not always in stock.

One of the first beauty subscription boxes in the market, Birchbox was founded in 2010 precisely to feed the sample-crazy addictions of makeup and beauty mavens by offering an affordable monthly box filled with a different selection of makeup and beauty product samples every time, and giving subscribers an opportunity to later purchase a full-sized version of their favorites from the box through their Birchbox Store. As of May 2019, Birchbox had over a million subscribers and 2.5 million active customers with approximately half of box subscribers going on to make full-sized purchases.

In many ways, the monthly Birchbox sampling process is way more convenient than that of a makeup counter. For a small monthly fee, Birchbox ships all the new, hygienically-sealed samples directly to you, so you can try them out safely and from the comfort of your own home. Plus, they're personalized to your exact needs and preferences, so you avoid getting something you won’t be able to use. Ultimately, you waste less time, effort, and money by using Birchbox to find your next beauty, skin or hair care holy grail!

Each month’s Birchbox contains a new mix of 5-6 beauty samples, such as makeup, skincare, haircare, and fragrance items. There are two primary subscription options: Curated and Sample.

If you choose the Curated Box, Birchbox will send you a pre-selected assortment of items inside a particular month’s featured box, the contents of which are also identified to all Curated Box subscribers in advance before it ships.

The Sample Box option, on the other hand, lets you choose one sample item and leaves the rest for Birchbox to pick according to the preferences in your Beauty Profile, so that what you get will pretty much be a surprise upon arrival. This is the more flexible subscription option of the two, and it also allows you the chance to include full-size items as add-ons in your box.

Most Birchbox items will be mini/sample-sized, but the occasional deluxe size item (bigger than a sample, but not quite full-size) also makes it into the mix on occasion. Every so often you’ll even receive a full-sized product as a surprise. The exact items you receive depend on your subscription, but expect to get a balanced mix of makeup, hair and skin care products every month, with some body care, nail polish, and fragrance samples thrown in as well.

As for Brands you’ll find luxury name brands like Bobbi Brown, M.A.C., Laura Mercier, Kiehl’s, Clarins, Beauty Blender, Benefit, Stila, Clinique, bareMinerals, Smashbox, and Lancôme, as well as emerging brands and influencer favorites such as OUAI, Sunday Riley, Davines, Bumble and bumble, and other independent labels, some of which are exclusive only to Birchbox.

Once you’ve subscribed to Birchbox, your monthly box shipments start with filling out your Beauty Profile which asks a series of questions about your skin, hair, and personal style such as your skin and hair type, problem areas, and daily beauty habits. Your answers will be used by Birchbox to determine your monthly item assortments. You can also retake the quiz at any time to change your answers.

Once you've received your boxes and discovered your new favorite products, you can rate them, add them to your "Favorites," leave a Review, as well as order the full-sized version from their Birchbox Store on the website. As you test new samples, give feedback, and refresh your Beauty Profile, Birchbox's algorithms will better match you to products as your subscription continues.


Subscription prices range from $10 to $15 a month depending on whether you're a new, current, or Aces VIP customer, and on the subscription duration you choose: $13/month (Annual Subscription); $14/month (6-month Subscription); and $15/month (Monthly Subscription)

As of this article’s publishing, Birchbox is offering a limited-time promotion offering your first Birchbox for just $1 with an Annual Subscription with the code ONEDOLLARBOX12 applied at checkout. accepts as payment all major credit cards (Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover) but are unable to accept PayPal, checks, money orders, gift cards, or link routing account numbers at this time.

Birchbox subscriptions automatically renew, so if you need to cancel, you can do so at any time before the next billing cycle. You also have the option to pause and re-subscribe to the service.

As for Shipping, Birchbox subscriptions generally ship on the 10th of each month. New subscriber boxes will ship within 10 business days of the order date. Birchbox ships to the US, with international orders coursed through Birchbox UK, France, and Spain.

Meanwhile, if you purchase a full-size product that you’ve sampled from one of your subscription boxes, that item will Ship for FREE!

Another great way to save more on Birchbox is through their Loyalty Program where you can automatically earn one point for every dollar you spend at the Birchbox Shop. You can also earn points by referring your friends to the service and buying gift subscriptions. Every 10 points can then be redeemed for the equivalent of $1 when ordering at the Shop.

Furthermore, upon reaching a total spend of $300 in a calendar year, you become an Aces VIP member which means you can earn 1.3 points on every dollar spent and pay just $10 per box. Additional benefits include: early access to promotions and launches, concierge service from the Birchbox Discovery Specialist team, FREE Standard Shipping on full-size orders, free two-day shipping on orders of $100 or more, and other Aces-exclusive offers and surprises.

Is It Time to Buy?

For as low as just $10 a month, Birchbox continues to be one of the first--and still the best—beauty focused subscription box programs in the market today. Safer and more hygienic than makeup counters, low-cost, low-risk, and with no obligations to purchase full-sized versions of the products; Birchbox is the best way to try out a wide variety of luxury labels and new, emerging brands at a reasonable price.

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Birchbox is an online monthly subscription box service specializing in cosmetics and other beauty related items. Each box contains 5 to 6 sample-sized skincare, hair care, makeup, and fragrance products from both established and emerging brands. Their online shop also offers subscribers the option to purchase full-sized versions. Birchbox Read More
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