New Brand Added: Edureka

by Mel Feb 28, 2022
“The World's Most 'Ridiculously Committed' E-Learning Platform”, Bangalore, India-based Edureka is an online education marketplace for continuing education, in partnership with corporations and academia. Edureka offers the most updated, industry-designed certification training courses with 24/7 technical support. Edureka Read More

New Brand Added: NordPass

by Mel Feb 24, 2022
Developed by the same cybersecurity team that created NordVPN, the popular VPN service provider, NordPass is a proprietary password manager designed to help users organize their passwords and secure notes, keeping them in one encrypted password vault. NordPass Read More

New Brand Added: Planner 5D

by Mel Feb 20, 2022
Planner 5D is a Vilnius, Lithuania-based freemium design software for creating 2D and 3D home and interior designs. Built primarily for use by people of all skill levels—from novice to advanced—Planner 5D is an ideal, user-friendly tool for amateur interior designers, home stagers, and other design professionals. Planner 5D Read More

New Brand Added: Betabrand

by Mel Feb 16, 2022
Betabrand is an online women’s clothing company based in San Francisco's Mission district, and is famous for creating its signature "Dress Pant Yoga Pants” which are premium quality yoga pants that can double as work pants. It is also renowned for its unique, highly interactive crowdsourced business model based on social networking, where customers participate in the design process. Betabrand Read More

New Brand Added: Noracora

by Mel Feb 12, 2022
Founded in 2018, Noracora is a China-based international online B2C fashion shopping platform selling women’s apparel and accessories mostly targeted towards women 30-years-old and above. Noracora Read More

New Article Added: The History of Couponing

by Mel Feb 10, 2022
Anyone who has shopped online or in-store is likely familiar with the concept of coupons. Coupons are beneficial to consumers to get amazing discounts and deals. But, have you ever wondered when and why manufacturers and retailers offer coupons? In this article, we’ll discuss a brief history of coupons and the various ways they have been helping consumers save for over 130 years. The History of Couponing preview image Read More

New Brand Added: Boutiquefeel

by Mel Feb 8, 2022
Boutiquefeel is an online apparel and accessories retailer specializing in young Women’s on-trend styles, in particular, special occasion dresses, tops, and sexy lingerie. It is unique among other similar online retailers in that it not only sells its products for retail, but also offers select customers a wholesale purchasing option. Boutiquefeel Read More

New Brand Added: Komily

by Mel Feb 4, 2022
Komily is an online fashion retailer primarily targeting younger women featuring on-trend fashion, shoes, and accessories. Known for its thousands of items all sold for under $40, Komily also offers free standard shipping to countries around the world. Komily Read More

New Brand Added: Pandorabox

by Mel Jan 31, 2022
Pandorabox is a Malaysian e-commerce online store platform and subscription service specializing in makeup, skin care and bath & body products. Their biggest draw is their FREE monthly sample pack allowing Pandorabox members to try out a wide variety of items before committing to shopping for the full-sized items. Pandorabox Read More

New Brand Added: Bokksu

by Mel Jan 27, 2022
A romaji transliteration of the word “box”, Bokksu is an online market and subscription box service specializing in authentic Japanese snacks, candies, local specialties, and teas sourced directly from centuries-old, small family artisans across a wide swathe of Japanese regions. Bokksu Read More
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