New Brand Added: MacPaw

by Aethyna Nov 30, 2018
MacPaw is a software brand that develops a wide range of utility software for Mac PCs, helping Mac users worldwide to secure their files, clean their Macs, play music, unpack archives and more. They have even developed a central app called Setapp where you can get access to all the Mac apps they’ve created for a single monthly subscription. MacPaw Read More

New Brand Added: Liquid Web

by Aethyna Nov 29, 2018
Liquid Web is a reliable web-hosting service that has been powering content, commerce and applications since 1997. Aside from managed hosting and services, they also provide custom solutions for every possible client and set up custom-built server clusters for every need. Liquid Web Read More

New Brand Added: LEGO Shop

by Aethyna Nov 27, 2018
Famous for their unique brick design, variety and versatility when it comes to building things, LEGO has since expanded from its sandbox-style brick sets to creating massive (and very much collectible) 3D toy models of popular and iconic movies, and other LEGO-lized brand collaborations. LEGO Shop Read More

New Brand Added: Getty Images

by Aethyna Nov 15, 2018
One of the world’s most renowned stock content brand, Getty Images provides various content and media companies worldwide with the most suitable stock photos and images, videos and even music. Aside from stock content, the brand also offers custom and team solutions, as well as related services like rights and clearance services. Getty Images Read More

New Brand Added: Uber (Driver-Partner)

by Aethyna Nov 15, 2018
Uber (Driver-partner) is a ride request app that you can sign up with to earn money as an independent contractor by ferrying riders from one location to another. You get to choose when you want to drive and where, and signing up to drive with Uber can be really straightforward. Uber (Driver) Read More

New Brand Added: Uber Eats (Delivery Partner)

by Aethyna Nov 8, 2018
Uber Eats is one of the more recently-established branches of Uber, the revolutionary ride request app that had taken the world by storm. However, instead of ride-sharing, Uber Eats delivery partners deliver food orders to customers who have ordered them. Uber Eats Read More

New Brand Added: Microsoft Windows 10

by Aethyna Nov 8, 2018
Microsoft Windows 10 is currently the world’s most used operating system on PCs and laptops. It provides its users with plenty of exciting upgrades and new features, making their Windows experience so much better. It is also the only operating system that’s compatible with so many other software that you may want to use. Microsoft Windows 10 Read More

New Brand Added: Microsoft Office 2019

by Aethyna Oct 31, 2018
Microsoft Office 2019 is the most common office application bundle you’d find. It’s not only more affordable and worthwhile in the long-term; the bundle includes all the classic Office applications namely, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook that you’ll ever need. Microsoft Office 2019 Read More

New Brand Added: Microsoft Office 365

by Aethyna Oct 11, 2018
Microsoft Office is one of the world’s most recognized brands of office applications... naturally, because it’s from Microsoft. Office 365 is the latest iteration of the application, featuring a bundle of apps ranging from the common ones like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneDrive to SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer. Microsoft Office 365 Read More

New Brand Added: Microsoft Xbox

by Aethyna Sep 20, 2018
Xbox is a game console brand developed by Microsoft. The latest version of the console, the Xbox One, boasts of having 4K resolution capabilities, up to 1TB of storage (excluding external drives), a whopping 8-12GB of RAM and is definitely much more superior than its predecessor, the Xbox 360 or even the original Xbox One. Microsoft Xbox Read More
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