New Brand Added: Umaro

by Mel Oct 4, 2022
Umaro Foods is a food tech startup that specializes in developing seaweed-based meat products. Its first product offering is a plant-based bacon slated to launch in the market in the last quarter of 2022 and recently snagged a $1 million investment from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank. Umaro Read More

New Brand Added: Paskho

by Mel Sep 30, 2022
Paskho is a California-based fashion upstart that specializes in ecologically sustainable and socially responsible men’s and women’s apparel. Their goal is to eventually bring 100% of their manufacturing back to the United States by creating jobs in underserved communities. Paskho Read More

New Brand Added: Magic Dates Snack Bites

by Mel Sep 26, 2022
Recently known for its successful appearance on the reality TV show “Shark Tank”, Magic Dates is a BIPOC Woman-Owned snack startup that specializes in sweet snacks made from dates, dark chocolate, walnuts, coconuts, and other natural ingredients. Magic Dates Snack Bites Read More

New Brand Added: Scrub Daddy

by Mel Sep 22, 2022
Scrub Daddy is a cleaning accessories company that specializes in high-performance cleaning products by combining exclusive materials with fun, functional designs. It is best known for being the product with the highest revenue of any product successfully pitched on the reality show Shark Tank. SCrub Daddy Read More

New Brand Added: Uploaded

by Mel Sep 18, 2022 is a Switzerland-based freemium internet start-up that offers file hosting services. Its platform offers a wide variety of tools you can use to backup, access, and share files easily from the comfort of your home, school, or office. Uploaded Read More

New Brand Added: Long Wharf Supply Co.

by Mel Sep 14, 2022
The Long Wharf Supply Co., is a men’s and women’s apparel manufacturer and retailer specializing in sustainable fashion made out of a unique, proprietary blend of recycled plastic and crushed oyster shells, particularly sweaters designed with a US East Coast fisherman aesthetic, as well as hats, bags, and other accessories. Long Wharf Supply Co. Read More

New Brand Added: Prepdeck

by Mel Sep 10, 2022
PrepDeck is a patented compact meal prepping and storage system that helps you to store your ingredients and kitchen tools in one space-saving place. It unfolds to become a cutting board, and inside it has all the containers, lids, and all the necessary kitchen tools you need for all your meal prepping. Prepdeck Read More

New Brand Added: Chubo Knives

by Mel Sep 6, 2022
Chubo Knives is an online kitchen wares retailer specializing in Japanese knives and cookware. Their goal is to provide the best Japanese cutlery and kitchenware that can stand up to the rigors of professional kitchen use, while also being loved and enjoyed by home cooks looking for the highest quality products available. Chubo Knives Read More

New Brand Added: Hazel & Olive

by Mel Sep 4, 2022
Hazel & Olive is a Texas-based, family-owned fashion boutique specializing in women’s apparel and accessories with a Texan flair, such as cowboy and Western accents and details. Hazel & Olive Read More

New Brand Added: Sophie & Trey

by Mel Sep 2, 2022
Sophie & Trey is a Lake Mary, Florida-based clothing boutique for women’s apparel. Successfully delivering affordable fashion since 2009, Sophie & Trey offers a wide range of trendy clothing, jewelry, handbags, shoes and hats. Sophie & Trey Read More
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