Why Do Smart Shoppers Use Coupons?

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If there’s one thing in this world practically everyone appreciates, it’s a good discount or rebate—even the richest one-percenters wouldn’t say no to the opportunity to take a few bucks off their shopping. The best and most popular way to avail of discounts, meanwhile, is through coupons and here, we’ll explore the reasons why the savviest shoppers will ALWAYS take advantage of them. Time to Buy - Why Do Smart Shoppers Use Coupons?

It is a little-known fact that it was actually soft drink giant Coca-Cola that created the first coupon when, in 1887, handwritten tickets were distributed offering consumers a free glass of Coca-Cola as a marketing promotion. The scheme was so successful that by 1913, 8.5 million free glasses and bottles of Coke had been redeemed and other consumer goods, such as cereal, started using coupons as well in their sales and marketing strategies—even becoming a way of life during the Great Depression.

Couponing - Coca-Cola

Today, even in a bullish economy, people across all social classes and income brackets appreciate the advantages of couponing, with approximately 92% of Americans using coupons while shopping, saving them over $3 billion annually. And whereas physically printed coupons (such as those found in newspapers, circulars, magazines, and emails to be printed out) are in steep decline; with the meteoric rise of online shopping, coupons now come in the form of digital coupon/promo codes that can be keyed-in and redeemed automatically during the checkout process, or through barcodes or QR codes scanned via apps.

Gone are the days when you had to be armed with scissors, piles of newspapers, and hours of your time to get the coupons you wanted. Nowadays, digital and mobile couponing takes little to no effort at all with online stores making it easy to discover discounts and apply coupon codes while shopping. And apart from the obvious benefits of saving a few dollars and cents on a purchase, there are lots of even more subtle—and longer term—advantages of customers using coupons, such as:

1. Chance to receive even more discount coupons, thus more savings

While getting access to a store’s digital coupons is a simple affair of finding and copy-pasting it to your notepad; to claim your coupon, at a minimum you will most likely have to provide your name and email address—in effect, registering with the site. Whether or not you end up redeeming a coupon for your checked-out purchases, the mere act of you being a registered visitor or user of the site allows the store to send you promo coupons and deals through email, social media, or mobile to use towards future orders.

2. Long term savings on frequent purchases

Especially useful if you are a frequent customer of a particular item at a single store, in which consistently using coupons help you accumulate savings in the long run. For example, if you buy a 15lbs. bag of dog food every two months at $30 and your pet store regularly offers a 5% off coupon for it (equivalent to $1.50 off); then, if you buy 6 bags in a year, your redeemed coupons translate to a decent $9 in savings annually.

3. Brand discovery

Since coupons often double as mini-advertisements for a product or service, they are also an effective way to discover and sample brands you have never encountered before. Discount coupons are especially used on newly launched items and brands and are a great, no-commitment incentive to try them out for comparison without spending full price.

4. Bulk or volume ordering

Couponing - BOGO

Stores selling non-perishable but regularly consumable products, such as soap, toilet paper, underwear, toothpaste, body sprays, etc.; also tend to use coupons to encourage consumers to purchase in volume. In these cases, coupon types such as Buy Two, Take One are popular and make a great option to use for stocking up on favorites or for holiday gift purposes—especially when combined with other promotions or deals. That said, do take note of product details such as expiration dates so that you don’t end up wasting instead of saving money when you have to toss them out due to spoilage.

Smart Shopper Coupon Tips:

Choose and spend wisely. Coupons are generally accepted as a boon to shopping; however, they should not be used as a convenient excuse to buy something you really do not need and spend more than you anticipated simply because it has a discount code attached to it. If you’re buying expensive stuff just because it’s “on sale,” you’re not really saving much money.

Search for store coupons on-site or through their official social media accounts. While the easiest way to search for store coupon codes and vouchers is by using a search engine such as Google or any one of the dozens of popular couponing sites online; chances are high that you’ll find result upon result of expired, spammed—or worse—fake coupon listings meant as click-bait to generate third-party traffic or search engine rankings. Your best bet for finding active coupons, deals, and other assorted promos is to visit the store’s webpage or app and rely on its site-wide advertising (easily found through banners, links, buttons, splash pages, etc) and by following its official social media accounts. Better still, sign up to the store’s email list to get automatic regular updates in your inbox.

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Combine Coupons with other store offers. Get the best value from your store shopping experience by not only redeeming product coupons but also by combining them with assorted store-wide deals and offers such as “Free Shipping” promotions, holiday sales, clearances, “Flash Deals” and many more.

Store and Coupon Comparison Shopping. Store hop online and compare regular prices as well as their attached coupon offers to get the best deals. For example, when choosing between two stores that sell the same product, one store may offer a bigger discount coupon on an item with a higher than average regular price while the other store may offer it cheaper but with a smaller discount. Comparing the two options along with other fee considerations (like shipping) will give you a better idea of true cost savings.

There used to be a stigma with coupons where users were unfairly labelled as either being “cheap” or “poor” for collecting them. Now, with e-commerce being the norm, finding coupon codes and using them with other online offers to get the best bang for your buck is not only considered consumer savvy, but it is the new science of smart shopping!

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