What is Home Depot Pro?

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Home Depot Pro for Professional and Contractor Services is The Home Depot’s free exclusive program for businesses that offers a wide variety of perks not made available to regular customers, including bulk pricing, dedicated customer support, multiple shipping & fulfillment options, flexible payment and financing options, a Pro Xtra loyalty program, and much more. Time to Buy - What is Home Depot Pro?

If you’re a building contractor, architect, interior designer, landscaper, or any other construction-related business; then you surely understand the importance of establishing a reliable and trustworthy relationship with your supplier. And as the largest home improvement chain in the United States, The Home Depot provides millions of American homeowners, commercial builders, and designers all of the materials, equipment, and services they need to construct and maintain a house or commercial space from the ground up.

Not surprisingly, clients in the professional and contractor services are some of The Home Depot’s biggest spending customers, and in appreciation for the billions of dollars in business that they contribute to The Home Depot’s success, the have established a perks-loaded program exclusively for them.

The Home Depot Pro program aims to deliver exclusive savings and services to their most favored customers. Free to join, contractors, builders, designers, and other professional services called “Pros” are welcome to open a Pro Account with the store to unlock an exciting range of products, tools, services, and discounts that Pros need to help grow their businesses.

To join, simply Sign Up In-Store at the Pro Desk or register online at the HomeDepot.com’s Professional & Contractor Services page to open a Pro account and start taking advantage of the benefits, services and business solutions available. Once you’ve opened your account, you can immediately take advantage of “Everyday Pro Benefits” such as:

Dedicated Support. Get help in store and on the dedicated Pro Customer Service line. Save time with Pro checkout and call-ahead ordering.

Exclusive Pricing Programs. Buy more and save more every day with exclusive bulk pricing and discounts only available to Pros. At The Home Depot, Pros have the opportunity to save big on large orders for construction and renovation projects through their Volume Pricing Program (VPP). The more you buy, the more you save. Just assemble your project list, bring it to the Pro Desk at The Home Depot and their Pro associates will get you the lowest price possible. VPP savings start on qualifying orders of $1500. It’s just one more way The Home Depot helps valued Pros save money and make their bids more competitive.

More Delivery Options. No need to wait a long time for shipping or to pay exorbitant prices on expedited or specialized delivery. Home Depot Pro gives you multiple shipping & fulfillment options, including free 2-day delivery, delivery on your preferred schedule, flatbed shipping, and direct delivery from their 2,500+ stores to job sites all over the country.

Home Depot - Delivery

Rentals. Why purchase an expensive piece of machinery or invest in a trailer when you can just rent them at very reasonable prices? With Home Depot Pro, you can find all your rental needs in one place. Rent pro-quality equipment, tools, trucks, and trailers for any job. With rental centers available in most Home Depot stores nationwide, they offer competitive rental prices for all kinds of moving supplies and equipment rental services, and several different tool rental rate options for your convenience.

Expanded Assortment. No need to spend valuable time going and sourcing quotes from multiple supply houses. At The Home Depot, you can special order from a catalog of over 80,000 special order products, including hard-to-find commercial items not available in stores.

Flexible Purchasing Options. Choose the credit card and financing options that work best for your business and budget.

Home Depot - Credit

Innovative Brands. Be the first to know about cutting-edge technology and new products that could save you time and money.

Advanced Digital Tools. Home Depot’s Mobile App and The Home Depot Pro’s intuitive, user-friendly online account management and in-app tools on The Home Depot Pro Online Experience is a great supplement to your own operations management and accounting software or app to help you keep better track of your expenses, save more time, and make your job easier.

Home Depot - App

The Home Depot Pro Online Experience allows verified businesses expanded online tools to help manage your business PLUS all the benefits of the Pro Xtra Loyalty Program. These tools were developed with Home Depot’s valued Pros in mind so that they can spend less time managing their business and more time growing it. With the Pro Online Experience, Pros can create lists, authorize payment methods, sign up for text purchase approvals, and many other tools to help you streamline your operations, including:

Add & Manage Users.In just a few steps, you can add Users/Purchasers to your Home Depot Pro online account, making it easier for you to monitor your teams’ spend and keep track of projects. After adding Users, you’ll see all spend on registered cards within your Purchase History. Only Account Administrators can add users to an account.

Create a List. Create multiple lists of products to help you stay organized, prepare bids, and reorder frequently needed items, fast.

Buy It Again. Easily reorder products through Home Depot Pro’s easy-access page that shows products previously purchased online or in stores. You can sort products by the purchase date to view items ordered in the last month, the last three months or the last six months.

Purchase History. Save and organize all your purchases and simplify tax preparation.

Share Your Shopping Cart. Make purchasing items with your team more convenient. Review your supply needs with your team, get feedback on purchase decisions or share your cart with the Pro Desk. You can share your cart with business partners, clients, teammates or even The Home Depot stores to prepare bids, increase supply visibility or simplify a run to the store.

Create a Quote. Learn how to create quotes straight on your Home Depot Pro account dashboard and lock in pricing.

QuickBooks Sync. Export your order history to your QuickBooks software to manage all of your purchasing in one system and minimize the hassle of manually doing them one-by-one.

Add Predefined PO/Job Names. Create PO/Job Names for spend management and simple order tracking.

Subscribe, Save & Get More Done. Get 5% off repeat purchases with our Home Depot Subscriptions™ delivery service and use your existing Home Depot Pro account to access, start, pause, skip or return orders from any device—all with no club or membership fees!

Authorize Cards to Your Account. Approve in-store and phone sales made on your behalf using minimal credit card information. A faster checkout means your team can get in, out and back to the job site in a jiff.

Text2Confirm on Your Account. Need another level of security when entrusting your crew to purchase products on your behalf? You can use your Pro account to either approve or decline your team’s in-store purchases with texts.

Meanwhile, with so many useful, time-saving features and benefits the Home Depot Pro’s account management system can mean to your business, you’ll want to take advantage of them all. In order to make all of its features work for you effectively and like clockwork, visit HomeDepot.com’s Step-by-Step Online Tutorials page to get complete, in-depth instructional guides on how to use all of the features on your Home Depot Pro My Account Dashboard.

Finally, probably the biggest benefit of all with a Home Depot Pro account is the free membership to their Pro Xtra Loyalty and Rewards Program exclusively for Pros. To start earning Perks, register for a Pro Xtra account in store. Once enrolled, Perks can be earned and used anywhere.

Home Depot - Xtra

Sign up online or visit your Pro Desk in-store for exclusive, members-only benefits, special offers and perks, including:

Pro Xtra Perks which are rewards you can unlock just by making purchases at The Home Depot. Every dollar you spend gets you closer to rewards like Pro Xtra Dollars (a digital Home Depot reward card) or a Tool Rental Perk. Plus, get Bonus Perks, like a free drink or snack. It’s their way of saying thanks for your loyalty throughout the year.

Your Pro Xtra Perks and Bonus Perks can be accessed readily via The Home Depot Mobile App. To start earning Perks, register for a Pro Xtra account in store. Once enrolled, Perks can be earned and used anywhere.

Volume Pricing Program (VPP), on the other hand, offers reduced pricing on orders over $1500, while Pro Xtra Paint Rewards lets Pro painters save up to 20% on paints, stains and primers. Plus, past paint orders are stored and categorized by job, so Pros have a lifetime of color history available anytime — no need to save old lids or waste time trying to figure out a color.

Moreover, you’ll get Purchase Trackingwhich organizes and tracks up to two years of purchases by job, PO number, date or location; access to Pro Xtra Business Tools such as Reloadable Gift Cards with set spending limits and purchase tracking capabilities; National Rebates for professional trade organization members; and the Pro Xtra Virtual ID, which allows Pros to identify as program members and track their spending.

If you’re a builder, designer, architect or other construction professional, chances are you are going to do at least a part of your business with The Home Depot. Fortunately, America’s biggest, most successful home improvement chain understands how important it is to keep your valuable business with some of the best customer perks in the industry. Free to join, you’ll have nothing to lose—but all the time and profits to gain—by signing up to the Home Depot Pro program and finding out for yourself how much you can benefit from their numerous, attractive offers.

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