Master the Secrets to Texas-Style BBQ from Pitmaster Aaron Franklin in this MasterClass

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The first chef specializing in barbecue to be nominated, much less, to receive, the prestigious James Beard Foundation Award for Best Chef: Southwest; Aaron Franklin owns the famed Austin, Texas barbecue restaurant Franklin Barbecue. Now, he gladly shares his secrets to cooking mouth-watering ribs, pork butt, and brisket online in this special MasterClass.
Time to Buy - Master the Secrets to Texas-Style BBQ from Pitmaster Aaron Franklin in this MasterClass

With its pricey, upscale restaurants, ultra-exclusive culinary institutes, snooty award-giving bodies, and notoriously unforgiving critics; it’s no wonder why the culinary world is widely considered to be somewhat pretentious, especially as it generally dismisses establishments serving humble fare like barbecue.

So, what happens when America’s top culinary foundation awards a former backyard barbecue hobbyist one of its most prestigious accolades? Why, you get a visit from none other than President Barack Obama, a feature on Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, a cameo in a Hollywood movie (2014’s Chef) and an invitation to teach on MasterClass, that’s what.

A must-watch for any barbecue enthusiast, in his 16-part MasterClass, 2015 James Beard Foundation Award-winner (Best Chef: Southwest) Aaron Franklin promises to teach you to the exact detail how he would train a staff member at his famed Franklin Barbecue restaurant that has famously sold out of brisket every day since its establishment in 2009.

When someone spends over 34 minutes talking about just trimming the brisket and over 17 minutes talking about how to slice it you know there are some great barbecue tips and secrets divulged in these lessons. It’s because Aaron absolutely loves his barbecue and, even better, is generous about sharing his techniques step-by-step injected with a good dose of humor.

Each video in <>Aaron Franklin Teaches Texas-Style BBQ ranges from 5 – 35 minutes in length, with some topics broken into multiple videos. The section on his specialty, Brisket is the most extensive with five separate sections. Meanwhile, the course topics can be broken down into theory, practical recipes, and some general interest topics. Basically, instead of merely being a series of recipe instructional videos, you get a full demonstration of barbecue cooking preparation and cooking as Aaron prepares Brisket, Pork Butt, Pork Ribs, and Steak, including plenty of theories and techniques covering wood, fire and smoke, beef selection, and working with offset smokers.

After Aaron introduces himself and gives an overview of his class, he goes on to state that Fire is the most important part of what they do at his restaurant as he demonstrates how to construct and manage a clean fire with good airflow, from choosing the right kind of wood, analyzing smoke, and deconstructing the anatomy and science of an offset cooker.

Aaron then spends the majority of the lessons getting down to the actual cooking as he teaches you step-by-step how to season, wrap, smoke, and shred pulled Pork Butt and his tried-and-true process for trimming, smoking, and slicing saucy, moist Pork Spare Ribs.

For those who are more onto Steak, Aaron spends two episodes sharing his tips for assessing beef quality and how to buy the best meat for your needs as well as his backyard grilling method of incorporating direct and indirect heat for seared steaks and charred broccolini in a meal quick enough to make any night of the week.

And for the main meat of the class, of course, Aaron spends five chapters on his award-winning Texas BBQ specialty Brisket where he shows students his signature method for shaving and shaping briskets for an even and consistent cook; applying slather and rub seasoning evenly; spritzing and getting a derailed cook back on track while maintaining a clean and steady fire; wrapping brisket, checking for tenderness, and assessing when to pull and rest your meat in the final phase of our brisket cook; and finishing your brisket slice with Aaron’s detailed, cut-by-cut process to minimize waste and maximize balance and flavor.

To put a final flourish on your divine piece of smoked meat, Aaron shows you how to prepare his tangy-sweet MasterClass exclusive Sauce recipe.

Aaron Franklin winds down the series by sharing his story of how he attempted his first—botched—brisket on a cheap smoker to becoming the James Beard Award-winning founder of America’s most famous BBQ joint. He also offers additional tips and advice on how to look for the perfect Offset Smoker as well as a bonus history of Texas-style barbecued brisket and barbecue culture in the region.

Apart from the video course which you can access anytime, anywhere from your desktop, mobile, or TV (Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Android, Roku), student subscribers will also be able to download a Class Workbook that complement the video lessons with all the techniques and recipes explained in text format. And like most of the MasterClass instructors, Aaron Franklin also offers an Office Hours segment where you can interact 1-on-1 with Aaron himself as he personally answers any questions that students might have about the lesson; and a Community forum discussion section for each lesson that lets you discuss lessons, ideas, and more with thousands of others enrolled in the course.

Aaron Franklin is one of several world-renowned chefs who have joined the MasterClass online education portal to share their expertise and stories, including Thomas Keller, Gordon Ramsay, Wolfgang Puck, Massimo Bottura, Dominique Ansel, and Alice Waters; and whose courses you can also access in their entirety with your Masterclass All-Access Pass for just $180, which also grants you access to 80+ other MasterClass courses available from the most famous and respected experts in their fields, whether in the culinary arts, business, sports, literature, music & entertainment, and more.

MasterClass also has a Gift option where you can surprise your loved ones with either an All-Access subscription for $180 or a single course for $90.

What’s more, for a limited time only, you can buy one annual membership, share one free which is equivalent to 2 passes (with access to all classes) for just $180!

Whether you’re a budding pitmaster, a backyard barbecue enthusiast, or simply a big fan of Texas-style brisket barbecue, there’s no better chef to learn the ins-and-out of BBQ than the only pitmaster to receive the prestigious James Beard Foundation Award, Aaron Franklin. With this MasterClass, beginner to expert BBQ grillers will appreciate learning all the prepping, seasoning, and smoking techniques to help you make a near-perfect brisket and to become a better barbecue hobbyist overall.

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