How to Stay Popular in the Flip Book Maker World

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Making the most out of online tools to turn your traditionally 2D digital magazine into an interactive, real-paper experience. Time to Buy - How to Stay Popular in the Flip Book Maker World

Have you ever wondered how to bridge the gap between a real paper magazine experience and the online one you create for your audience? I publish a number of different magazines both online and in paper. I wanted to start migrating my existing hard-copy readers over to the digital format. But for some reason, it wasn't happening in the way I'd hoped. I started asking for feedback on the issue from my readers and I was shocked by what I learned. People repeatedly told me that they loved my content but they felt my online magazines didn't look and feel as nice as my paper ones. I realised I needed to do more to recreate the magazine experience online. That is when I heard about Yumpu.

Make your online magazine into an experience

What frustrated me most about my online magazines was that I knew exactly what my customers were talking about. Like them, I too prefer the experience of flipping through a magazine page by page over the action of scrolling through a PDF. I started to search for a flip book maker available online for free. A couple of things drew me to Yumpu.

First, it offers a free basic account for life and all of their premium accounts come with a 30-day free trial. Secondly, and most importantly, they offered the means to convert my PDF's using a flip book maker online in less than two minutes. I came to believe that what I needed to do was to recreate the magazine experience online as much as possible. A big part of that is the action of flipping through the online magazine as if it were a real one.

Flip Book Maker

What is a flip book maker?

Essentially, this is a kind of software that will allow you to upload PDF documents and convert them into a flip-able, book-like format for a more intuitive experience.

PDF to Flip Book

After converting and hosting my online publications on Yumpu, my online readership has taken a big upswing. More than that, I am happier and prouder of the product I am putting out. Not only have I enhanced the experience, but it looks far better and more professional to boot.

One thing that put me off a flip book format for so long was my lack of technical skills. When you see the finished product, you'll think I must have been some kind of technical 'Wunderkind' to pull it off, but Yumpu does pretty much all of the heavy lifting in term of conversion and presentation. In no time at all, I was using the flip book maker like a pro. All I had to do was drag my PDF into the right spot and then tweak the visuals and settings to my liking using the intuitive software interface.

Is it all about the flip book maker?

Don't get me wrong. I love the flip book maker on Yumpu but there is a good deal more to the platform. I was happy with the number of subscriptions and single-issue circulation I was getting with my previous digital magazine format, but that's not to say it was so impressive that I was willing to turn my nose up at some 20 million readers that use Yumpu and browse its content. That kind of audience access is staggering, especially when you consider that you can get it all with the basic free account.

Another great benefit is that every magazine I create using the flipbook maker is accessible and readable across a whole range of devices. The software includes a flip book maker suitable for Android and iOS, meaning I can reach my audience even when they are on the go. Mobile access is a major growth sector for digital publication development so this was a biggie for me. It's also one of the reasons why I decided to switch to one of their paid-for products.

Webkiosk for flip books

While the basic account offers a lot, the WEBKIOSK account offers a whole suite of options that allow me to customize my online magazines for tablet and smartphone consumption. It also allows me to have my own domain for all my publications, as well as greater freedom when it comes to customising the layout, logo and content.

Still, the functionality and benefits of even the flip book maker free version cannot be overstated for me. I add content on a fairly regular basis so the speed at which the software converts is a big plus. I'm currently working on a short novel and I've been so impressed with Yumpu's flipbook maker that I am also considering converting it to a digital flipbook format.

How to use the flip book maker and other features?

One of the best things about using the platform is that you can try out the flip book maker for free. Getting started on converting your first document to a brand new flipbook using the flip book maker is easy. First, you go to the home website and set up a free account. This is pretty straightforward and doesn't take long. Next, upload your PDF, wait a couple of minutes and then voila! I know, it sound's like I skipped a couple of steps but getting started really is that easy.

How to get it out there

If you're are like me, you'll be eager to get your shiny new flipbook content out there. The software offers a number of features that I've used to expand my reader-base and the visibility of my brand, despite a woeful lack of technical expertise when it comes to things like HTML. Once you convert a document, you'll get a single embed code that you can easily copy and paste.

This allows you to embed your publication into your own website if you want. There is also a list of buttons at the bottom for sharing it on Facebook and the like. I recommend you share often, as nothing boosts readership like an article that has gone viral, trust me!

Try Yumpu for free

Advanced features

If you are looking for some advanced features like analytics and automatic search engine optimisation, you'll want to look at some of the paid-for products. Fortunately, you can dip your toe in the water without putting any money upfront on these products as well. Each one offers a 30-day free trial. There are two paid-for options on Yumpu.

The ADFREE option removes second-party adverts from your content and offers a range of other features including SEO and analytics. The WEBKIOSK plan, which is what I'm working with, offers everything the ADFREE does as well as a range of advanced features like image indexation and a white label domain.

Bring them online with a flip book

With the new flip book maker format, a huge number of my hard-copy readers made the switch to the digital publication and I've received a great deal of positive feedback regarding the look and the layout. This means I can now reach my existing base quickly and regularly, avoiding many of the costs that come with printing and shipping real-world copies. Yumpu is among the best flip book maker freeware available and I'd strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking to create a polished flip book publication without needing three years of technical training to pull it off!

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