Choosing the Perfect Refrigerator for Your Home

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Looking for the best fridge for your home? Look no further - We're here to help! Time to Buy - Choosing the Perfect Refrigerator for Your Home

Did you know that storing food on ice to preserve them is a practice that has been going on as far back as the 1000 BC? However, ice isn’t exactly the best tool for it due to the fact that it melts easily at temperatures above 0˚C. It’s also not available in regions with warmer climates either and they had to resort to other methods of preservation including using salt or storing food underground or in makeshift ice boxes made from sawdust or seaweed.

Then came the industrial revolution where we see such amazing advances in technology including the steam engine, the telegraph, and so much more. One of the humanity’s greatest ingenuities include harnessing the power of evaporative cooling and hence, the concept of modern refrigeration is born! This very refrigeration technology which was invented back in 1876 still remained relatively the same in concept until today.

Now, if you’re looking to choose the perfect refrigerator for your home, you should know that since its invention, the refrigerator has had several more modern designs.

Top Freezer Refrigerator

The classic, tried-and-true model, the top freezer refrigerator features a larger refrigerator compartment at the bottom and a large block of freezer at the top, allowing larger frozen items to be stored. The fridge comes in many sizes as well and is one of the most commonly available fridges in stores and homes worldwide due to its affordable cost.

So, if you’re looking for a nice top freezer refrigerator, we would definitely recommend getting Frigidaire’s white-colored 18 ft. top freezer refrigerator at Home Depot. It has one very unique selling point - it has a reversible door. This will definitely appeal to households where opening the door to the right isn't possible due to having other appliances in the way or even due to the layout of the kitchen. If your household is predominantly left-handed, the reversible door would greatly help as well.

Frigidaire’s white-colored 18 ft. top freezer refrigerator

However, the refrigerator at the bottom can be quite an issue for adults since the freezer, instead of the fridge which is opened more frequently, is at eye level, and well, bending down everytime you need something from the fridge can be a hassle.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

… and this is why the bottom freezer refrigerator was designed. This fridge has all the benefits of a top freezer refrigerator and none of its downsides since the fridge is now at eye level, making it easier for people to find the stuff they want. However, having the much-smaller-in-size freezer at the bottom can, unfortunately, be troublesome for some since it will require people to squat to retrieve items and as some of you may know, squatting is a luxury that mostly younger people can afford. Older folks may find it easier to just have the freezer up top.

Side-by-Side Refrigerator

The side-by-side refrigerator is a rather recent design that eliminated the need for a freezer drawer and instead split the fridge into relative halves where one half contains the freezer compartment and the other containing the refrigeration compartment. Because it has narrower doors, the swing space it needs is much less, making it ideal if you have a smaller kitchen at home. Most side-by-side models even come with an in-door ice maker and water dispenser which may prove convenient for some as well.

Of course, this fridge has its downsides. For starters, it can’t store any wide items due to its much narrower design. The price range is usually at the higher end despite still being within (barely) the “middle class” range, and well, it generally consumes more energy (less energy efficient) than other models.

French Door Refrigerator

A French door refrigerator

The French door refrigerator is an increasingly popular model of fridges among people with a higher budget to spend on fridges mainly because of how it is able to take all the advantages of both the traditional refrigerator and combining it with the newer design, the side-by-side model, just so it could offset both style’s downsides.

The French door refrigerator has narrow doors which require smaller swing space but it doesn’t “cut” the bulk of the fridge in half unlike in the side-by-side. This model also comes with the classic freezer drawer which allows its users to store much larger or wider items in both the fridge and the freezer compartments, thanks to the larger blocks of space available. The French door fridge is sometimes affixed with an external ice machine and water dispenser, providing the same convenience as the side-by-side.

Mini Fridge

This fridge is in a class entirely of its own. It only has a refrigeration compartment and is able to provide some cooling power in a much smaller and more compact package, making it the ideal choice for temporary living arrangements like hotels and homestays, and even office rec rooms. However, in a home, it can prove its worth as well. For instance, if you’re looking for a fridge in your “man cave” down in the basement where you’ll watch football with the boys, then this would be the perfect fridge to buy. These fridges are freestanding and fairly mobile (though, not as mobile as an ice box, naturally), requiring just an electrical socket to plug in.

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