7 Factors to Consider When Buying a Valentine's Gift for Your SO

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Out of all the gift-giving occasions, Valentine’s Day probably requires the most thought put into the kind of gift given since it is supposed to demonstrate how much you feel for your significant other.

Time to Buy - 7 Factors to Consider When Buying a Valentine's Gift for Your SO

While there are infinite options available when choosing the perfect Valentine's gift, the goal is to buy something that shows how much you care about each other. Flowers and chocolate may be the most famous Valentine's Day gifts, but giving something with a lot of thought into its purchase may end up being more meaningful and memorable. To help you in your search, here are seven factors to consider when choosing the right Valentine's Gift for your partner.

Consider the Level of Your Relationship

The gift you end up giving should depend on your relationship level. For those who have just started dating or are in a casual relationship, a Valentine's Day gift should mirror its relaxed and informal nature. Giving something too elaborate, expensive, or intimate may give the other person the wrong idea about your relationship expectations. On the flip side, giving a Valentine's Day gift that is too casual when involved in a serious relationship may provide the other person pause.


That said, think carefully about the message you want the gift to convey since the type of gift you choose can say many things, from "I'm having fun with you" to "I love you with all my heart." One's feelings about a relationship may be inaccurately judged by the type of gift given, especially on a romantic day like Valentine's Day, so be sure to put some thought into it.

Avoid Cognitive Bias

An important thing to consider when buying gifts for Valentine's day is to avoid cognitive biases. Confirmation bias is the tendency to favor information that confirms one's preconceptions and ignore information that contradicts them. This bias can lead to buying a gift that may not be suitable for the other person because it confirms one's preferences. In contrast, those with a status quo bias tend to stick to habit and are reluctant to change. This can lead to buying the same gift every year without considering whether it's something the other person would enjoy or appreciate.

So, don't buy that sexy plunging neckline dress that YOU have always wanted to see her in but know she would be uncomfortable wearing. At the same time, avoid buying her a generic bouquet purchased at the last minute from a supermarket, as this can come off as thoughtless. Instead, look at ways you can learn about what she wants, as this will help ensure you get the perfect gift that is not boring, not predictable, and comes from the heart.

To avoid biases, couples should consider the other person's interests, preferences, and needs before buying a gift. This can mean researching, talking to friends or family, or even asking the other person directly. Using your past knowledge of your partner will help determine what they are most likely to love as a gift, and by doing so, couples can ensure that they are buying a gift that the other person will truly appreciate rather than something that confirms their own biases or sticks to the status quo.

Get Creative

There are no hard and fast rules about sticking to traditional Valentine's Day gifts such as roses, chocolates, and wine. Because Valentine's Day gifts tend to be more thoughtful, they also open themselves to creativity.


If you are buying a gift for those who identify as men, consider buying more novel and out-of-the-box gifts, as research has shown that men have a higher appetite for new experiences than women. A man who enjoys cooking may appreciate a new kitchen gadget or a gourmet food delivery service subscription. In contrast, a man with a refined living will likely love an aged bottle of premium whiskey or a watch.

On the other hand, women are the opposite, so avoid giving women practical gifts that do not elicit romantic feelings on Valentine's Day. Research has shown that women value facilities that promote their sense of ethical commitment, self-care, and relaxation, such as a spa session or hotel staycation. If she loves to read, she may appreciate a new book. Or, if she is an animal lover, a great gift would be a donation to an animal rescue group in her name.

Get it Personalized

Making a Valentine's Day gift personal and exclusive is always a great idea. Depending on the item you are purchasing, consider having the gift personalized. For instance, if you are buying her a locket or a bracelet, you could have her name or even both of your names engraved on it to add that special touch.

Packaging & Presentation

Putting extra thought into the packaging and presentation of the gift can make it more special and meaningful. For example, decorating your gift basket in hearts, adding a heart-shaped balloon or teddy bear to a bouquet, or adding a personal note or card can make the gift feel even more thoughtful.


Stay on Budget

It is essential to consider your budget when choosing the perfect Valentine's Gift for your loved one. That diamond tennis bracelet or designer watch may make the ideal Valentine's present. Still, the last thing you want to do is blow loads of cash on an expensive and extravagant gift only to find that you have nothing left to pay bills and mortgage for the month.


Consider Not Spending Anything at All

Remember that a gift does not have to cost anything to be meaningful. A simple DIY gift, such as a photo album or a scrapbook, can be as meaningful as an expensive store-bought item. It's also important to remember that the most important thing is not the gift itself but the thought and effort that went into it.


Alternatively, couples could also consider spending quality time together on Valentine's Day instead of buying gifts, such as driving out of town for some stargazing, having a movie night at home without the kids, or reserving a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant. The key is to spend quality time together to make the day special.

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