4 Tips to Buying Guitars Online

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Looking to buy your first guitar online? Here are some helpful tips for you! Time to Buy - 4 Tips to Buying Guitars Online

Although most people now confidently buy all kinds of items through online stores, musicians aren’t that keen of purchasing their loved instruments via internet. Maybe this is because the inability to actually feel the guitar before making the final choice is just too much to bear or due to lots of musicians being elitists in the first place, I know I am anyway.

Whether you’re a starting guitar player who wants to buy a low-cost guitar online for the first time or a working musician wanting to buy their next acoustic guitar for small weekend gigs, here are some simple tips that could make your life easier when choosing one online.

Set Realistic Expectations

In a perfect reality, we should be able to choose an amazing guitar online, wait for its arrival, and start playing with a pristine instrument right out of the box. We should be able to find a perfectly-tuned, well-adjusted, brand-new instrument, but that rarely is the case when purchasing a new guitar even from a local store.

Guitars bought online go through rough shipping routes and if they were adjusted after manufacturing, 90% of the time you’ll have to pay $40-$60 for a basic adjustment upon arrival in order to get the most out of your instrument. In reality, most aren’t adjusted at the factory anyway, although lots of retailers do it before shipping.

Look Local Stores to Try Instruments

You can’t touch the actual guitar you’re going to purchase, but you can go to local stores in your area and see if you can try the actual guitar models you’re interested in. it’s not perfect, but this is the closest you’ll get to actually playing the guitar before buying it. Sometimes we want a specific model by reading reviews and then when we actually play it, we hate it.

Take Online Reviews with a Grain of Salt

Although most of us would trust consumer reviews as the most legit way of knowing if a product is good enough, most starting guitar players know nothing about guitars. This translates into poor undeserved reviews due to the fact that they don’t have realistic expectations to begin with, causing even more confusion within the beginner community.

Be sure to read reviews carefully looking for phrasing which might indicate some sort of authority in regards to guitar hardware and guitars in general. If the reviewer explains in detail what’s the problem with the instrument instead of stating something like “the sound is not right” in the review, you’re probably reading a legit complaint.

Look Out for Bundles and Sales

The big advantage of buying guitars online is the fact that you have access to pretty much any model, and you should definitely take advantage of that. Look for 1-2 year older models for a fraction of the price or even starter bundles which wouldn’t be accessible for you at your local store.

While there’s a portion of the musician base who doesn’t like to buy instruments before playing them live, the majority of guitar players will buy guitars online sooner or later. Don’t get discouraged, do the proper research, and buy your guitar online.

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