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5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas This 2022

5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas This 2022 Celebrate Mother’s Day 2022 and life slowly going back to normal after the worst of the Covid19 pandemic by showing how much you valued and appreciated your Mom’s love during those trying times. In this article, we offer a handful of unique gift ideas that are guaranteed to make her feel like the Queen that she is in your household - rate

The Home Depot: Giving Back to Those Who Served

The Home Depot: Giving Back to Those Who Served The Home Depot Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 public charity established to improve the homes and lives of US military veterans and their families, respond to areas impacted by natural disasters, and train skilled tradespeople to fill labor gaps in their local communities. - rate

The History of Couponing

The History of Couponing Anyone who has shopped online or in-store is likely familiar with the concept of coupons. Coupons are beneficial to consumers to get amazing discounts and deals. But, have you ever wondered when and why manufacturers and retailers offer coupons? In this article, we’ll discuss a brief history of coupons and the various ways they have been helping consumers save for over 130 years. - rate

Sales vs Clearances: 7 Distinct Differences

Sales vs Clearances: 7 Distinct Differences When you see a number followed by a percentage sign when you’re shopping at a physical or online store, the thing that likely automatically lights up in your head is “SALE!” Because a discount is a discount, right? Not necessarily. While people tend to interchange the words “sale” and “clearance” often, they are actually markedly different retail concepts. How? Find out below. - rate

What to Consider Before Pressing "Add to Cart"

What to Consider Before Pressing "Add to Cart" Did the stresses of the coronavirus pandemic turn you into an online shopper? You’re hardly the only one. In fact, a whopping 2 billion people, or over 80% of consumers across the globe, shopped online in 2020, spending an eye-popping $4.2 trillion. With the Covid19 infection rates decreasing, people are starting to get out and about in the world again. But will you be able to bring your shopping habits down to earth as well? If you noticed you’ve been shopping online like crazy this past year, below are a few ways to temper your spending back to pre-pandemic levels. - rate

8 Things to Look for in a Seller When Shopping Online

8 Things to Look for in a Seller When Shopping Online With sales expected to reach a whopping $4.92 trillion in 2021 due, in part, to over 2 billion online customers doing much of their shopping on the internet because of the Covid19 pandemic; the online marketplace has never been as busy or as lucrative as today. And while shopping at online marketplaces is generally issue-free, you can ensure a safer, more secure, and no-hassle experience with some of these online shopping best practices. - rate

Do's and Don'ts When Using Coupons

Do's and Don'ts When Using Coupons Coupons may be the easiest, risk-free type of shopping perk there is. Considering that coupons provide a convenient, no cost way to reduce spending on groceries and essentials, it is no wonder why coupons are so popular. But there is both a smart and cost-effective way to use coupons as well as—ironically—an inefficient and even wasteful way to use them. Here, we’ll discuss best practices and things to avoid while couponing. - rate

What is The Home Depot Protection Plan and Do You Need It?

What is The Home Depot Protection Plan and Do You Need It? Protect your investment when shopping at The Home Depot by taking advantage of the wide range of The Home Depot Protection Plans underwritten by Allstate. The Home Depot Protection Plans offer the individual protection coverage you need on items you purchase exclusively from The Home Depot to ensure peace of mind against failures or breakdowns. - rate

Top 5 Meal Kit Delivery Services

Top 5 Meal Kit Delivery Services While there are dozens of meal kit delivery and subscription services out in the market today, they are not created equally. In this article, we explore several services, each with their own unique advantages and features, so that you can choose the best one that suits your family’s particular budget, dietary needs, and cooking skills. So whether you’re a student cooking for one in a tiny apartment kitchen, a whole family of vegans, or frustrated parents of super fussy kids, there’s sure to be a meal kit out there that clicks all your boxes. - rate

The Best Mother's Day Savings at Home Depot

The Best Mother's Day Savings at Home Depot As the country starts to pick itself up post-coronavirus pandemic, there’s no better way to show appreciation for the most resilient, patient, and loving member of your family this Mother’s Day than with a gift she’ll love from The Home Depot. From keepsake picture frames and planters to kitchen mixers and exercise equipment, there’s a great gift option to be found in The Home Depot’s aisles—at prices you can definitely afford. - rate

What is Home Depot Pro?

What is Home Depot Pro? Home Depot Pro for Professional and Contractor Services is The Home Depot’s free exclusive program for businesses that offers a wide variety of perks not made available to regular customers, including bulk pricing, dedicated customer support, multiple shipping & fulfillment options, flexible payment and financing options, a Pro Xtra loyalty program, and much more. - rate

Financing Your Home Depot Purchases – the Easy Way!

Financing Your Home Depot Purchases – the Easy Way! While the coronavirus pandemic may have caused a majority of homeowners to put off any kind of home improvement or renovation project, whether minor or major; certainly there are some situations when you may not have a choice but to invest in a particular home project or a new large appliance. With finances being tight for most people these days, fortunately, in these cases, consumers and pros alike can count on The Home Depot’s Credit Center, which offers a variety of convenient, affordable credit card options to extend their purchasing power as well as manage and pay for their accounts. - rate

Save with Capital One Shopping

Save with Capital One Shopping Did you know you can get a ton of savings simply by using Capital One Shopping's many coupons? - rate

Ways to Save While Shopping at Home Depot

Ways to Save While Shopping at Home Depot In these times when money is tight in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, there are some home improvement and home appliance needs that really can’t be put off regardless. Fortunately, The Home Depot always offers you the opportunity to save in order to make your projects happen. - rate

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