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P.volve Founded by celebrity trainer, Stephen Pasterino, P.volve aims to revolutionize what it means to have a healthy lifestyle, that is to find the best body to live your best life. Aside from numerous workout routines and fitness programs, the company also sells specialty exercise equipment such as the p.ball and the, as well as other exercise apparel and items. - rate

PDF Expert

PDF Expert PDF Expert is an extremely useful piece of software that’s been around since 2010 and has only gotten better with the passage of time and is pretty much the perfect software to utilize for all your PDF related needs. - rate


Parallels Parallels is a tech company that provides the most reliable way for its users to run Windows applications in parallel to a Mac operating system and vice versa. - rate


PatPat Established by InterFocus Inc, PatPat is set up with the sole intent of providing quality mom and baby goods at affordable prices. And how they do that? They use the Manufacturer to Consumer model (M2C) – They cut out the middlemen and let you order your products directly from the manufacturers. - rate

Paula's Choice

Paula's Choice Paula’s Choice Skincare is a skincare company that sells science-driven products and emphasizes honesty above all else. The founder, Paula, firmly believes that women deserve the truth about which skincare product that will actually help them, and this is a principle that she and her company hold dear until this day. - rate


Paychex Paychex is one of the leaders in providing payroll, human resource, retirement and insurance services and it’s mainly for small to medium sized businesses who need assistance with these particular operations. - rate

Pelican Water

Pelican Water Water is a specialist at making sure that you get the right kind of water in your household not just for drinking, but for everything else water is used. - rate


Photolemur Photo editing after a shoot can be a very mundane job for photographers, but it can also be a bit tedious. If you, as a photographer, has been wishing for an ultrasmart software powered by artificial intelligence with which you can streamline your tasks, then you will definitely appreciate Photolemur. - rate


PicMonkey PicMonkey is brand that offers superior photo-editing and printing services. Its powerful online photo editor is not only incredibly easy-to-use; it has numerous filters, effects, touch-up tools and other features which you will be able to access either for free or by paying for a subscription. - rate

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes Pitney Bowes is a massive mailing and shipping company with partners across the globe. Aside from providing solutions in these sectors, the company has diversified into providing location-based customer analytics, services related to print and digital communications, and even global eCommerce technology. - rate


Plated Plated is an American meal kit subscription service made up of boxes delivered weekly that contain recipes and pre-portioned ingredients which the customer then uses to cook their meals. Prices per kit are dependent on the number of servings and days in a week you prefer to have the boxes delivered to your doorstep. - rate


Playmobil Playmobil is a toy manufacturer that specializes in imaginative playsets. Playmobil sets are not only used as children’s toys but are also treasured by adults as collectibles and even feature in stop motion animated movies. - rate


Postmates Postmates is THE up-and-coming delivery service that will bring almost anything you need, whether it is groceries or dinner, right to your doorstep. Due to this, they require a fleet of only the best delivery drivers and maybe you might just fit right in! - rate

Pure Collection

Pure Collection Founded by Adam Holdsworth and Nick Falkingham in 2002, Pure Collection started with only a few pieces in a page catalog and later expanded to introduce ready-to-wear clothing. Today it sells anything cashmere both online and offline through its boutique and concessions with John Lewis. - rate


Purple The level of comfort we get from our beds is of utmost importance, and that's where Purple specializes in. - rate

Featured Brands

The Home Depot The Home Depot One of the most recognizable home improvement brands in the United States, The Home Depot is renowned for offering a wide variety of products, home improvement services, and free DIY workshops and project ideas. Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble is the largest bookselling company in the United States. With over 750 retail stores across all 50 states, this company sells a variety of digital media, toys and educational products, gifts, reading aids, art supplies, and more, in addition to a myriad of books. iStock Photo iStock Photo Owned and managed by Getty Images, iStock Photo is among the world’s best source of quality stock content, be it photos, illustrations, videos or audio, at affordable prices. Yelp for Business Owners Yelp for Business Owners Yelp is one of the most renowned review sites for businesses, be it a restaurant, plumbing services, or a hotel. After the massive overhaul it made to remove fake reviews and bots, Yelp is slowly regaining the trust of its users, allowing them to make use of reviews posted by others to make critical purchasing decisions. PatPat PatPat Established by InterFocus Inc, PatPat is set up with the sole intent of providing quality mom and baby goods at affordable prices. And how they do that? They use the Manufacturer to Consumer model (M2C) – They cut out the middlemen and let you order your products directly from the manufacturers. Mattel Mattel Mattel is one of the biggest brands and companies when it comes to popular children’s toys. They own multiple IPs including the iconic brands, Barbie and Hot Wheels. Aside from their own range of toys, they also work with other huge entertainment companies like Disney and DC Comics.


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