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LEGO Shop Famous for their unique brick design, variety and versatility when it comes to building things, LEGO has since expanded from its sandbox-style brick sets to creating massive (and very much collectible) 3D toy models of popular and iconic movies, and other LEGO-lized brand collaborations. - rate

Lands' End Business Outfitters

Lands' End Business Outfitters Lands' End Business Outfitters is an American-based uniform, workwear, and outfitting retailer catered towards all kinds of businesses. If you are starting a business and are looking for a nice-quality uniform solution to make your brand shine through, Lands' End Business Outfitters is the best option. - rate Whether it is flights, hotels or tickets for shows, is a website where you can get the best travel and tour deals for everything Las Vegas, and also for other popular attractions nearby in Nevada. - rate

Last Pass

Last Pass Last Pass is a company whose sole purpose is to make the life of its user simpler. They are your safe vault where you can keep all your passwords, so you won’t ever forget about them, and they do this in a simple, intuitive and user-friendly manner. - rate


Lemonade Lemonade is the next generation of insurance companies whereby it is not only able to offer home and renter’s insurance at incredible prices; it has possibly the fastest insurance claim system with the current fastest record being 3 seconds to process a claim. Plus, Lemonade gives up to 40% of any unclaimed cash back to nonprofits that matter to you. - rate


Lenovo Lenovo is a PC and smart devices developer and physical and online retailer with heavy influence in more than 180 markets around the globe. If you want a sturdy, durable desktop or mobile device for work or leisure, Lenovo will sure have a product for you. - rate


LetsGetChecked LetsGetChecked makes health screening and tests more accessible to the public by selling various test kits that can detect a host of diseases, mineral or vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances, etc to consumers. They will also be able to check their test results online and consult with a team of doctors and nurses, if needed. - rate


Levi's Levi Strauss & Co. is an American apparel company famous for its Levi's brand of denim jeans which it has been designing and manufacturing since 1873. One of the world’s most recognized brands as well as a global leader in jeans, Levi’s has over 500 stores in more than 100 countries. - rate

Life Extension

Life Extension Established around 35 years ago, Life Extension is a pretty well-renowned brand of vitamins and supplements. It produces its own range of supplements from vitamin D3 to a DNA protection formula that promotes healthy aging, in addition to skin and personal care items, tea, pro and prebiotics, pet care, and others. - rate

Life Fitness

Life Fitness The developer of the industry’s first electronic stationary bicycle, Life Fitness is a proudly American-made fitness and exercise equipment company that specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of fitness machines such as treadmills, stationary bikes, and ellipticals for both commercial and home gyms. - rate

Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening Life Line Screening is a private prevention and wellness company that specializes in community-based health screening services for adults aged 50+ across the United States and the United Kingdom in partnership with numerous insurance companies, hospitals and organizations. - rate

Light In The Box

Light In The Box LightInTheBox is one of the newer online retailers based in China, but its stock is really impressive. Unlike most China-based online shopping companies like AliExpress or DHgate, which enable sellers to create their own online store within their websites, LightInTheBox sells and ships directly to its customer base with no middlemen. - rate


Lime Lime is an American transportation-sharing and micromobility platform offering dockless electric scooters, electric bikes, normal pedal bikes, and cars in various cities around the world which users can find (via GPS), rent, and unlock via a mobile app. - rate

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning Since acquiring in 2015, LinkedIn has worked hard to create LinkedIn Learning, which aims to further the mission of helping professionals be better at what they do by providing thousands of courses that professionals can use to enrich themselves and potentially opening up more economic opportunities. - rate

Liquid Web

Liquid Web Liquid Web is a reliable web-hosting service that has been powering content, commerce and applications since 1997. Aside from managed hosting and services, they also provide custom solutions for every possible client and set up custom-built server clusters for every need. - rate

Featured Brands

The Home Depot The Home Depot One of the most recognizable home improvement brands in the United States, The Home Depot is renowned for offering a wide variety of products, home improvement services, and free DIY workshops and project ideas. Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble is the largest bookselling company in the United States. With over 750 retail stores across all 50 states, this company sells a variety of digital media, toys and educational products, gifts, reading aids, art supplies, and more, in addition to a myriad of books. iStock Photo iStock Photo Owned and managed by Getty Images, iStock Photo is among the world’s best source of quality stock content, be it photos, illustrations, videos or audio, at affordable prices. eBay eBay Along with Amazon, eBay is one of the most recognizable online marketplaces that sell literally anything you’ll ever need. Whether it is the latest gadgets, handbags for the ladies, old and collectible VHS tapes, or even travel deals, you can find them all on eBay! PatPat PatPat Established by InterFocus Inc, PatPat is set up with the sole intent of providing quality mom and baby goods at affordable prices. And how they do that? They use the Manufacturer to Consumer model (M2C) – They cut out the middlemen and let you order your products directly from the manufacturers. Mattel Mattel Mattel is one of the biggest brands and companies when it comes to popular children’s toys. They own multiple IPs including the iconic brands, Barbie and Hot Wheels. Aside from their own range of toys, they also work with other huge entertainment companies like Disney and DC Comics.


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